Russian Cheater clans on PvP 1082 WITH VIDEO



There are russian cheater clans on Server 1082. This idiots uploaded an Video while they are cheating. And there a much exploits they use in the video. Hope they will get an bann,

VIDEO: Superjump in Minute 3:30 for example. Its a long video, you can see multiple times how extremly far he can jump.

Cheater friends profiles:

and much more.
I hope funcom will do something against this losers.


There are no cheats on this movie


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They use exploit and one guy have stats +50 all and he jumping 5 foundation up. Have fun! :slight_smile:


I have also started a thread for this:

but to be clear:
these guys do obviously abuse bugs to gain advantage on >OFFICIAL< pvp servers.
currently I have seen evidence of super jump far and high, while high needs 2 ppl atleast todo , one of the players does the far jump all the time , maybe even in pvp to doge or charge to someone, so you cant run away properly.
also they massivly abuse building glitches to put stuff into rocks and different map objects.
Their old base and this was the first thing were we caught attention of them, was inside the mesh ,underneath the bridge of betrayer, which got luckily fixed, but they knew of it before that and just saved their stuff.
They carried stuff in and out via dying and then looting their corpses through walls.
But they also use the FOV Glitch to just loot any bag / not locked treasure in buildings, without physically entering them.
One guy of them found a way to look and loot through walls by simply going to it and glitching the camera through it. (and i don’t mean the regular fov settings, it’s directly ,without having the need to try around for a spot)

if one is cheating or not is another thing, that can’t be seen currently one the video and needs some look through from a gameserver admin.
Still a bug abusage like seen here would be a good ban reason on ANY kind of game & server, especially on an official server.


so we finally got wiped by them, how should there come anything else?
I mean they got chests and stuff underneath the map, how you every should compete against something like this? they always will just come back, abuse bugs, get new stuff, repeat.

i got a nice collection of him abusing ON AN OFFICIAL SERVER

he might do other stuff but not showing it, the jump is already enough, it’s gaining advantage in pvp as hell , traveling faster, etc.

funcom, if you do not atleast reply or ban these guys, you will loose way more than people than just me and my people in future im sure …
its bad politics to not do anything against cheaters, bug abusers and other people that kill the game for any fair player

I played 600 hours in a very quick time, it was fun, until they came and all our friends left one after another this server.
at last even our clan people had not motivation anymore to come online, it’s just useless to fight against a bug abuser, you always will be in disadvantage.


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So as I’m Russian in your logic I should to be a cheater?


nope but they using scripts to teleport to players and glitch jumps, admins should do something. They use glitch its just unfair dude.

Official Server 1082