Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka update - v3.0

hey hey :blush:

I’ve made an update to my planet map, Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka.

Compared to the previous version, the following things are new:

  • Added a 5th and 6th zoom level for high resolution screens.
  • Added monster info for the Condemned Subway.
  • Added monster info for the Foreman’s Office.
  • Added monster info for the Crash Site daily mission in Milky Way.
  • Added monster info for the Nomad Camp daily mission in Wailing Wastes.
  • Added monster info for the Slum Town daily mission in Clondyke.
  • Added Powa in Greater Tir County.
  • Added a missing criminal camp in Varmint Woods.
  • Added a missing label for tower field 10 in Avalon.
  • Corrected spelling on drill sergeant Nortin.
  • Improved whom-pah map contrast.
  • Improved whom-pah map labels.
  • Improved accuracy of character tracking in Belial Forest.
  • Improved accuracy of Cenobite Shadow markers.
  • Improved accuracy of Hellion Imp markers.
  • Improved accuracy of Jack “Leg-chopper” Clone #2 marker.
  • Improved accuracy of several dyna boss markers.
  • Improved accuracy of the Wartorn Valley - Aegean zone border.
  • Updated several zones to make the terrain more beautiful.

If you currently use the version that comes pre-installed with the game (2.0) rather than the previous (2.2), the following things are also new:

  • Added a missing store in Stolt’s Trading Outpost.
  • Added missing portal to Inner Sanctum outside Rome Blue.
  • Added the Re-Incarnator and the new hidden rooms in Inner Sanctum.
  • Added the shuttle to ICC HQ near the Temple of Three Winds.
  • Added the Observer in the Reck.
  • Added Omni-Pol Secretary Lambeer in Omni-1 Entertainment.
  • Added a missing dynaboss in Aegean.
  • Added locations to collect Carbonrich rocks on layer 4.
  • Corrected spelling on Omni-Pol Barracks.
  • Corrected spelling on Jon Solare.
  • Updated colours for Factory labels in the Reck to indicate presence of guards.
  • Updated Greater Tir County to show removal of city plots.
  • Improved accuracy of character tracking in Milky Way.
  • Improved accuracy of Deadly Prisoner marker.
  • Improved accuracy of Dangerous Prisoner marker.

You can download the map here. Existing links such as on AO-Universe will automatically point to the latest version as well.

To install the map, extract the contents of the zip file to the following location:

<your AO install directory>\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap\SaavicksMap

Please make sure the directory name is correct, or it won’t work. The directory should already be there, since a previous version of my map comes pre-installed with the game.

In game, open your planet map window and click the little ‘i’ in the top left.
Click Select Map.
Click “Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka”.



You’re awesome. Plain and simple.


Will install as soon as I can get it to DL. Right now get a pop-up: “WHOOPS THERE WAS A PROBLEM…” :frowning: But multiple retries forced a positive result :star_struck::partying_face:

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There is a level of awesome only few achieve in lifetime and Saavick is one of those few.


Good work Saavick! :smiley:

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My 4k monitor thanks you deeeeeeeply for this.

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Saavick just awesome, thanks for this great map!

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Check out Caloss’ video for a preview :blush:


For the next version: Can you replace the whompa map with an enlarged version? The included version is already relatively small on Full HD and when I think of 4K …


Yes pls! Asap

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I can have a look at that :slight_smile: