Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka update - v3.0

hey hey :blush:

I’ve made an update to my planet map, Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka.

Compared to the previous version, the following things are new:

  • Added a 5th and 6th zoom level for high resolution screens.
  • Added monster info for the Condemned Subway.
  • Added monster info for the Foreman’s Office.
  • Added monster info for the Crash Site daily mission in Milky Way.
  • Added monster info for the Nomad Camp daily mission in Wailing Wastes.
  • Added monster info for the Slum Town daily mission in Clondyke.
  • Added Powa in Greater Tir County.
  • Added a missing criminal camp in Varmint Woods.
  • Added a missing label for tower field 10 in Avalon.
  • Corrected spelling on drill sergeant Nortin.
  • Improved whom-pah map contrast.
  • Improved whom-pah map labels.
  • Improved accuracy of character tracking in Belial Forest.
  • Improved accuracy of Cenobite Shadow markers.
  • Improved accuracy of Hellion Imp markers.
  • Improved accuracy of Jack “Leg-chopper” Clone #2 marker.
  • Improved accuracy of several dyna boss markers.
  • Improved accuracy of the Wartorn Valley - Aegean zone border.
  • Updated several zones to make the terrain more beautiful.

If you currently use the version that comes pre-installed with the game (2.0) rather than the previous (2.2), the following things are also new:

  • Added a missing store in Stolt’s Trading Outpost.
  • Added missing portal to Inner Sanctum outside Rome Blue.
  • Added the Re-Incarnator and the new hidden rooms in Inner Sanctum.
  • Added the shuttle to ICC HQ near the Temple of Three Winds.
  • Added the Observer in the Reck.
  • Added Omni-Pol Secretary Lambeer in Omni-1 Entertainment.
  • Added a missing dynaboss in Aegean.
  • Added locations to collect Carbonrich rocks on layer 4.
  • Corrected spelling on Omni-Pol Barracks.
  • Corrected spelling on Jon Solare.
  • Updated colours for Factory labels in the Reck to indicate presence of guards.
  • Updated Greater Tir County to show removal of city plots.
  • Improved accuracy of character tracking in Milky Way.
  • Improved accuracy of Deadly Prisoner marker.
  • Improved accuracy of Dangerous Prisoner marker.

You can download the map here. Existing links such as on AO-Universe will automatically point to the latest version as well.

To install the map, extract the contents of the zip file to the following location:

<your AO install directory>\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap\SaavicksMap

Please make sure the directory name is correct, or it won’t work. The directory should already be there, since a previous version of my map comes pre-installed with the game.

In game, open your planet map window and click the little ‘i’ in the top left.
Click Select Map.
Click “Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka”.



You’re awesome. Plain and simple.


Will install as soon as I can get it to DL. Right now get a pop-up: “WHOOPS THERE WAS A PROBLEM…” :frowning: But multiple retries forced a positive result :star_struck::partying_face:

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There is a level of awesome only few achieve in lifetime and Saavick is one of those few.


Good work Saavick! :smiley:

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My 4k monitor thanks you deeeeeeeply for this.

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Saavick just awesome, thanks for this great map!

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Check out Caloss’ video for a preview :blush:


For the next version: Can you replace the whompa map with an enlarged version? The included version is already relatively small on Full HD and when I think of 4K …


Yes pls! Asap

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I can have a look at that :slight_smile:

On map open this crashes my client occasionally. I think it may be because all the layers are in one big file. I’ve noticed that others split theirs into individual smaller files. Would recommend optimizing this.

Hello Saavick, you’re really awesome !

I just have one question about dynacamps.
Are their positions based on your own experience or some other source ? Are all your toons are clan ?

I ask this because I’m surprised to see any 100+ dynacamps only on clan areas. Have I a chance to find a dynaboss in omni areas or there are really no 100+ dynacamps in omni areas ?

@MagicBuzz the dyna camps are complete; I have used pre-existing maps, my own experience, and feedback on earlier versions of my map.

What level dyna’s are you looking for specifically?
You can go to Perpetual Wastelands via neutral whompa’s (ICC - Newland City - Newland Desert - Hope - Sabulum).
As an omni, you can reach CAV via Output 10-3 (grid - 2HO - whompa to SAV, fly north a bit).

Belial Forest is most easily reached via (Tir - Varmint woods - Wine), which is through clan territory. On the other hand in my experience, you can make it past the guards without getting hit or even noticed. Plus if you’re strong enough to take on those dyna’s, the guards shouldn’t be too threatening anymore anyway.

It’s very hard for me to reproduce any crashes, but I would be willing to make a version for you with the layers split into separate files. Would you help me test it?


I am looking for a way to bring the entire planet map into an image software. How would I do this? I see the .bin file, however, I only get a very small portion of the top left corner when I view it. Thank you for your help!

legacy map tools: