Sacks instead of icons no longer access to animals

I can not translate to English I use google.

good day I have 2 problems,

  1. all icons of my pristern cooks alchis u.s.w look like sacks

  2. after taming, etc., I put my animals in the base on everything worked wonderfully I turned off the pc went to bed and wanted to continue playing the next day now all my animals are there and I get only the message I have no access to it I am not entitled to do it, they can neither move nor kill nothing

both problems arose at the same time after multiple deletions reinstalling conan etc nothing changed everything is still i play about steam and only offline since i have the game only a few days ago i have uninstalled also steam completely without success everything is still so maybe data stored somewhere else ?? except for steam

Thank you already

so here is a picture of it I’m desperate we deleted everything clean the registry, steam uninstalled but everything without success always looks like that please help me or is there a way to replace the icons the animals because I let the first finger off achso and no I / we do not use mods

Here is the german post and a picture that I can not post here because I’m newäcke-anstatt-icons-kein-zugriff-mehr-auf-tiere/

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