Sacrifice heads for Purge

Instead of the passive way of getting a purge as an event, allow players to make a sacrifice at its base to active a purge:

  • allow offer sacrifice at a craftable station;
  • the sacrifice item shall be the collectible head;
  • each type of head shall have its own difficulty value(DV);
  • DV of a head shall depends on if it’s easy to access or no;
  • shall be able to offer multiple heads at a time;
  • once the sacrifice is offered, trigger the purge depends on the total DV;
  • clear the purge meter afterward.


  • a clan event that is interesting to participate by its members;
  • less frustration on waiting for a purge;
  • play the purge feature even in a “safe” area;
  • easy to determine the difficultly of a purge;
  • somehow controllable timing on receiving a purge.

Alternative Way Doing It:

  • the difficulty of a purge depends on the level of the player who offer it, rather than total DV from heads.
  • the summoner of a purge controls the boss creature of this purge like the avantar, use this purge to assault a foe’s base.

No thanks. I like the Purge the way it is – a relentless attack on the player(s) trying to survive.

You mean just like its never happening? xD
(Really… I never saw them the last days.)

Is is possible to make number of purges scale with currently active players? (Like battlemetrics which shows how many hours a player has been playing -> even if one player is playing from 15-18 and 18-21 o clock, that the active player counter would be 2.)
I guess it wont make it until after launch, but still…