Sacrificing unnecessary thralls

Now that we can’t pick up thralls and put them back into chests anymore we need a new way to get rid of unnecessary fighter and archer thralls.
My suggestion is a sacrificing system where you can give your converted thralls as human offerings to gods via altars. To make it interesting and worthwile there should be some rewards that you would get from your sacrifice, maybe new weapons, armor or placeables.
Of course you need to scale the rewards according to the effort you put in, so by just tossing lvl 1 exile to basic altar should not give anything. You should at least have a priest who performs the sacrificing ritual. The higher the level of your thrall the better reward. Best rewards you would obviously get by sacrificing a named thrall to T3 altar with archpriest.
Maybe have some nice animations of priests performing a sacrifice ritual, Set could be by poisoning with a snake, Ymir decapitation by axe and Yog by throwing into the fire and so on. Mitra might be a different while Mitra is a “good” god, maybe Mitra priest just releases the thrall and it vanishes to freedom - that would give an option for those players who for some reason would not like to do human sacrifices.


I think that’s a great idea.

Then I no longer have to execute the useless slaves myself. :smiley:

In addition, the atmosphere of the game would intensify further. Victims are common in ancient religions.

(Google translation)

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I was placing a Yog altar yesterday and accidentally dragged it under a T4 bearer thrall as I was moving it around. He died right then and there. :scream:

only works in SP. OR i would be running out with the YOG pit like a metal detector :slight_smile:

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until then, just place them on spikes. Im on pve-c and thralls are immune to player damage. So I just place my deadbeat thralls on a palisade and walk away.

I can kill my thralls, I’m on a pvp server, but I just would like it to be a meaningful in some sort of manner.

So harvest their corpse with one of the religious tools to harvest the specific religious item to use and some human flesh for pet feeding, blood via fluid press etc.
The snake arrows need a manifestation of zeal now. I’m finding I like to use the Mitra religion food crafted in the stove now. (Though I might be told there is a better food to use.)

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