Sad about change to Siptah Thrall Cages

Oh, I have no illusions about the character I play in Conan Exiles. I am a Very Bad Man. But it just breaks a my suspension of disbelief that a thrall I just saved from being eaten by Black Corsairs would just nonchalantly walk away from me, a heavily armed warrior who just slaughtered their captors, without even a tip of the hat. Freed thralls offering their services in gratitude makes a lot more sense, and, if the change was made on purpose, it is a bad change.

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You obviously haven’t figured out how Funcom operates. They have silly bugs like this all the time. As @Pixelcave mentioned, it doesn’t make any sense to deliberately change thrall behavior like that. It serves no purpose and it’s actually counterproductive to the purpose of the cages. Submit the bug report if you want it fixed… or check to see if you have any conflicting mods active. The latter should be the obvious first step. If you don’t play with mods or play on official (obviously no mods), then submit the report.


I am on steam as well, and I have encountered the EXACT issue described by the OP. Defeat the jailer, get the key, unlock the cage, and they walk the F away from you as a “neutral” NPC. I didn’t even have a thrall with me at the time so it was not due to having to many thralls.

Not everyone plays that way though.

I personally almost never touch the religion system because, frankly, it’s not worth it. Well, that is UNLESS I happen to be playing an evil character. LOL Then I also tend to use sorcery also, but by and large I don’t bother with that either. :thinking:

To clarify, we can play as things other than villains.
But that is ice skating up hill in this game.
Look at the systems in place.
Taking Thralls, the entire murder for power Religion system, Sorcery, Looting communities, embracing your Corruption to become something more and less than human.
Who hasn’t played the role of movie Thulsa Doom in the Mounds of the dead?

One can avoid the Thrall, Religion, and Sorcery systems.
One can loot only from ruins and monsters.
But that’s a deliberate self imposed handicap.
There is great freedom in this game to choose your own approach (whether it wins in PvP or not let’s leave aside), but the structure in the systems, the journey steps, impels you towards atrocity.

The cages on Siptah were grand.
This one long hoped they would come to the Exiled Lands. This one isn’t as pleased with the way they have arrived (Purge only, where we must bait Stygians to throw waves of conscripted slaves at us?).
The tavern system shows promise. Rather than buying people from the slave trader at the pirate shanty, we actually have the option to hire them.

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I had another strange thing happen to me with a thrall cage in a small Accursed camp in I5. A Stygian Invader in full armor was in the cage. I have never seen a fully armored thrall in one of the regular thrall cages except for named bearers.

It is bad enough that newly-freed thralls have somehow smuggled weapons into the cages with them, but full armor and weapons is a bit immersion-breaking.

Considering how many people just leave these things abandoned by the cage instead of breaking bond… this change doesn’t really bother me. You play on a private server though so you don’t have to deal with that nonsense really so I can see your point.

I can assure you nothing good comes out of those cages anyway.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve gotten quite a few named thralls from them. In fact, they are one of the main sources of named Bearers on Siptah. And since the cages can be found in some Exile camps early in the game, they are an easy source of thralls before one might have access to a wheel.

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:brazil: feedback
Sim isso está acontecendo mas é uma alteração de balanceamento da ilha de Siptah

“Além de que a ilha de Siptah está travando muito não está otimizado após atualização e não recomendo mais a compra dessa DLC enquanto a FUNCOM não resolver os travamentos que acontece em qualqer modo de jogo” @Community

Verdade isso ajudava muito mas foi abandonada a ideia de poder usar os seguidores libertados após a atualização que faz os cadáveres soltar as armaduras que estão usando

Excellent point, I concur


this has already been reported from another post, don’t believe its intentional and we will have to wait for a fix, I just have been collecting keys and if they look to be a named bearer thrall then I break out my truncheons and have a friendly conversation about them walking away…

Your counter argument is Bearers…?

So yeah, pretty useless man. Especially considering the best source is purges by a long shot now. Heck you normally get 2-3 bearers per purge because they are more common than any other type (other than maybe dancers?). But you knew all of this already. Kind of reminds me about that time you swore up and down and I was wrong about those siptah chests… only for me to make a character on Waks siptah server just to prove you wrong lol.

Again this is honestly a great change, cages have always and will forever remain bad sources of thralls and most people who used them just left the thralls there for someone else to clean up since they couldnt be bothered to break bond with them.

I was totally wrong about the chests. I misunderstood when you said they were around the tower. I thought they were on the ground around the tower, as they had been. I didn’t know that the new chests had actually been put ON the tower, on that platform around the stairs. Mea culpa.

And you are right about bearers being very common from the Purge. But starting players cannot do Purges immediately. They need materials and thralls (!) and such. A named bearer that you can get from a low-level Exile camp on Siptah, for example, is quite a treasure (until you get leveled up and start getting sick of seeing the backpacks).

I don’t see how thralls let out of the cages and abandoned by players are anything but a temporary problem. In my experience, they get cut down pretty quick by enemies in the area once they respawn.

In any case, I maintain that the thrall cages are a cool idea that add a lot of flavor to the game and a bit of utility depending on the needs of the players.

Fair enough. Hard to be “wrong” about something subjective but seriously… cages are pretty useless man and have been since they came out. People would just open these things and leave countless thralls in these camps, even on Waks server (at least back in the day when they were active, used to complain about it all the time). The best thing you can even get out of them is a Frigga Falsehope, considering T4 thralls only take like an hour to break now even without a task master you’re vastly better off just leveling to 10 (which you can do before you can even make it to your first cage lol) and going to temple of the loon.

Oops somehow I posted part of my response instead of the whole thing and then edited in the rest.

As you know I’m not really a fan of the whole “but new players!” argument especially between two people who have played the game for quite awhile.

This game is not bringing in droves of new players… and even if it was they’re probably looking up the best things to get and how to get them on youtube anyway and I can assure you… no one is leading them to cages lol.

I just discovered something else about the way the cages work now. The enemies in the camps won’t actually attack the newly freed prisoners. This makes zero sense, of course. Wouldn’t they try to apprehend the escapees? A bearer I just freed went over to stand by a couple of the nearby guards. They were just chilling. LOL

UPDATE: The guards won’t attack them, but other enemies will. The bearer eventually wandered off near some wild dogs, and they tore him apart. He didn’t even fight back. This entire thing is quite hinky.

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Sometimes they will attack.
This one has found the Accursed to eagerly slaughter their escaping slaves while the Black Corsairs seem to not give a fig that their dinner is walking off.