Sad Blue Flicker

It is really sad when you have to deal with this blue flicker when you actually make it up to wave 45 in OD.
(Blue Flicker Starts: 123:34)

I got that the other day, after I died trying to kill the Decomposed Kodiak in Blue Mountain. /reloadui didn’t fix it either.

Yeah, you have to sign out and back in, and you can’t do that in OD if you’re on a streak or anything like that. Luckily they had a mod that let them see through the flicker a bit. You’ll get kicked and lose your loot, too.

Funcom knows about this. This effect already occured in TSW and has been reported several times.

What a surprise lol

Oh we all know. And it’s not a report; It’s just sad (as I stated).

I feel the player’s pain whenever I see it.

Remember all these names found here?

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Yeah I was just looking at them on a Sunday.

Confused me as well. Thought this was something new when in fact it was an old record video capturing an even older bug.

This looks very different on my phone. I can’t switch between leaderboards.

No it’s not new at all. It’s from a March I think. It just sucks to see that, though, it doesn’t matter when it happened. It’s still going on and no one has beaten that record.

Until this weekend when I beat it.

11 - 30(+) ODM - Get to level 30, I get blue flicker. And at this point of the screenshot… Game froze.

Try reloading UI every few waves

I did it about 3 times. After every three maybe

I do it after each wave, before i click yes or no to continue.
I’ve not reached past 21 yet, not had the inclination to do so.
Nor the IP level.

can you force crash the game from the cntrl+alt+del and kill the process? (not just end the program)
Much like what people have to do in dungeons to avoid the debuff when something goes wrong, like black screen.

will doing that clear the bug or help in any way?

Yeah, killing it works but you don’t want to risk 11-30 rewards. I’ve tried that and have gotten kicked each time.

Oh, oh well then - don’t do that lol

I’m just glad I haven’t been forced into NYR and losing my 1-22+ rewards. Happened 3 times when multi first came out. 1 - 22+ are those good good Nemain chances.

What Agartha looks like coming back from blue flicker screen in OD. I’m getting it 1/3 of the time. I’ve been in and out of OD all weekend in 29+ waves.

I was just in with a group of three and all three of us had it.