Sad to see they did not make it

I was really hoping that Funcom would come from the ashes and get back to being a AAA gaming company again with the creation of Conan Exiles.

But as an editor at MMORPG once said, only under funded bad developed games end up on Steam.

How sad it is that they cannot even afford their own download and patcher service and all they have left is a game that plays on mental rental servers because they cannot create their own.

At least there are still some big titles out there that you will never ever see on Steam, because they have the developers and studio that can create and design cutting edge games and not trash that will be $19.99 in six months on Steam.

Conan Exiles is a pretty good game, a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking. What is sad is some people don’t realize this.



Yeah, you’re entitled to that - your opinion - but that part at least is pure nonsense. Maybe it was true at one time (I’d disagree, but okay) but these days even major titles are launched on Steam.


What a bunch of crap, lol.

Fallout 76 will not release to steam.

Fallout 76 is NOT a AAA title! It is nothing more than a money grab from Bethesda and should have been a DLC to FO4. Anybody who buys this crap should never complain about games and dodgy Devs period.



Lol who peed in your Wheaties this morning?

You did :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this supposed to hurt our feelings? I have over 800 hours in Exiles regardless of how many As you think it deserves and I’ve enjoyed just about every minute of it.

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B.E.T.A. will be played in play sessions of 7 hours at most, and that probably only once a week.
That is so bad, it’s incompatible with steam’s policies, which is why they launch it exclusively on their own launcher - So they can frack the people who pre-ordered it, with a bullshyte “beta” (2 weeks before release) that’s actually an early access and a marketting gimmick worse than the atlantean swords… and play favorites with X-box One.

It’s why MMORPG web magazine sucks balls.

Usually I don’t even dignify posts like this with an answer, but you left yourself so wide open it’s like smashing “Hammer of Wrath” at 10% HP.

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Lol are you denying Bethesda is a AAA gaming company? How about Blizzard, are they not AAA?

The Civilization series has been on Steam for years. That is not an underfunded poorly developed game by any thread of the imagination.

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I agree the Gportal servers are trash, game probably the better of survival games out there though.

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just a quick note on civilisation… fireaxis games on steam, especially civ beyond earth (plus / minus rising tide), have a literally-rising tide of Forum pages (like thousands of postings) about civBE “not” working, and just crashing all the time, even before the game starts with bad memory addresses… sorry mini-rant since that game used to work for me on steam and then fireaxis patched something and mucked it up for lots of players :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but I didn’t say every major title launched on Steam (Blizzard’s titles don’t either, for example). And of course whether one considers Fallout 76 a major title at all is up for debate - for me it’s a spinoff, but not a “proper” Fallout title. Akin to Fallout: Tactics or Fallout: Shelter, both of which I enjoyed for what they were.

For FO76, its total PVP focus turns me off it entirely, much as I love the Fallout franchise. Same would’ve happened with CE had it not had a PVE option - I love the Conan IP, but could not/would not play a pure PVP title.


This sentence by itself just invalidated your supposed qoute. Also Blizzard… Honestly I’d hardly call them AAA considering most they’ve done recently is just release expansion after expansion for an outdated game. Only thing they’ve done recently I’d consider close to AAA would be Overwatch.

But to prove my point Bethesda well obviously ESO, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Fallout 4 etc… Were underfunded bad games. But here’s a list of some more Underfunded bad games according to your supposed qoute.

GTA V Underfunded bad game
Dota 2 Underfunded bad game
Counter Strike Underfunded bad game
Warframe Underfunded bad game
Rainbow Six Siege Underfunded bad game
Monster Hunter World Underfunded bad game
PuBG Underfunded bad game…

Oh, wait I forgot they’re all on the most played games on steam not to mention GTA V was or is one of the most expensive productions to date… But obviously that’s underfunded for you.

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So with your logic, Star Citizen is incredibly awesome, because it’s well funded and not selling on steam?

C’mon, let’s pit our strawmans against eachother. Let’s argue in circles here. Not the first time you done this with me, Stone-spear.


Star citizen is not game dude stop pushing it as a game when it is not even being close to completion and never will be. - Derek Smart is right it will never be released and you will never fly your Aurora anywhere but in your mind.

You did not answer my question- you simply tried for a misdirect.

It’s not me putting up the straw man arguments its you.

Got a crystal ball right there eh? I would love to see your surprised face when the game launches. It may take sometime, but it will happen and you would know it if you follow the development.

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" In mid-2013, with US$15 million raised in less than a year, Star Citizen became the “most-funded crowdfunding project anywhere”.( In 2014, Guinness World Records listed the sum of US$39,680,576 pledged on Star Citizen’ s website as the “largest single amount ever raised via crowdsourcing”.( the 2014 Gamescom event on August 15, Chris Roberts announced the crowdfunding campaign had surpassed US$50 million.( On May 19, 2017, crowdfunding surpassed $150 million.( In addition to crowdfunding, funding for the game’s development has continued through a variety of in-game transactions and subscriptions. " Source: WIKI.

As you can see, this project is already on Guinnes as the most crowfunding game, if the developers doesn’t launch it even taking some years ahead, expect them moving to Mars, becuase there would be a riot hunting them. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a lot of people waiting for this game, and I mean A LOT for real!