Sad to see they did not make it

Never happening no matter how much you sunk into it. Do yourself a favor and don’t call em a AAA game since they never published anything yet and won’t.

Fallout 76 is anything but a pvp focus game, hard penalties on pvp, cant really loot anything or destroy bases, if its a pvp game then its shallow as.

When it does launch and teach people what “collapsing a wave function” actually means in practice, in a game that resembles the simulation hypothesis when they experience dynamic missions in space, Stonespear (the definition of what a Nay-Sayer is) will just say: “It took them 15 years to create a piece of garbage?”

When you have to take a Tram from your home on a planet to the spaceport to launch a starship and realize that you can sell ships on E-Bay for real life money, because the effort in that game is of such high fidelity that it feels like life, Stonespear is going to say: “That tram sux.”

Stonespear’s absolute negativity is of such certainty that if a Stirling engine were to run on a polarity differential, he’d be the solution to the worlds energy crisis.

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people are going way off topic here in this thread.

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Well off topic not really, since you proclaim through a qoute with no actual source. Claiming and editor at MMORPG said it without proof is like me doing this.

Did you say it? Nope, not at all it’s like “Abraham Lincoln” said, not everything on the internet is true.

Now that’s off topic.

Anyhow, people have provided proof for both good and well funded games on steam and criticism towards games not on steam be they good or bad.

Last one was basically someone stating that by the logic your applying in your OP that Star Citizen is the best and highest crowdfunded game in history. Admittedly one of those is true, the other remains to be seen. I’ll agree with you tho about the skepticism behind Star Citizens launch. BUT I’ll wait n see it to believe it. While in comparison GTA V, does have it own launcher and patch service sure BUT it’s also available on steam so obviously it’s an underfunded($256 million) and bad game.

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Not sure what you are trying to say there - seems you are linking me to the original OP and it just does not make much sense.

Anyway apology accepted for mistaking me for the OP.

Haha, I do apologize lol. Mistakes do happen, you were the most vocal there for my mind just went “He’s the OP” seeing as one would assume the OP would been more active in his own thread. I wonder what happen with the OP tho. Sincerely sorry anyhow…

Self Note: Next time have coffee before reading forums and replying. xD

Thread has gone off-topic. Closing it.