Saddle Dyes and Chariot Additions Please!

The ability to dye our saddles would be great, all too often 2 or 3 clan members have the same saddle, then someone grabs the wrong horse and so on,

Also, please please please! Work on adding chariots into the game for the new sieges, 1 or 2 horse models. The chariots could have different wheels 1 sturdied ti protect against damage, 1 spiked to give damage etc. Some chariots could have very little carrying slots that go faster, whilst other have loads of slots but ride much slower. War flags with the clan emblem flying above whilst battling other clans or sieges with this would be an awesome upgrade.


This is a place for you to wither help get a suggestion some attention to help push it up the “ladder” or say if you dont like it. But dont add to the topic if all you’re going to do is demean others, it doesnt help anyone.

I get it, but its a suggestion box, the point of this part of the forum is pipe dreams

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