Saddlebags and weaponized horse shoes?

Since we can’t have a second follower, to help us carry stuff while riding a horse, I’d love to see us able to access the horse inventory to help us carry more and include a weaponized horse shoe slot.

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I’m confused, the horse already has inventory slots? Just like any other pet or thrall.

A weapon slot for horse shoes would be cool though.


Steel razor shoes, tinted red for my black horse. Yes. I want this.


You are absolutely right. I was thinking about while I am riding, I have no access. I really need to get used to constant dismounting to do everything.

yeah, i would also like to be able to access inventory and stats whilst on horseback


This ^. Every time my horse levels, I need to dismount to see what happened by checking the stats. Would be great to do it without dismounting.

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