Saddur the Slaver gone? Alternatives to tier 4 taskmasters

I’ve been looking for “Saddur the Slaver”, and just in general tier 4 Taskmasters. I looked the four locations, he was supposed to be(Flotsam, Jamilla’s Liberty,The Black Galleon,The Sandspit), no luck. Is he removed from the game? And are other alternatives, someone with a 100% spawnrate.

where did you find the first two locations? could you provide reference links?

I do not think they were removed from the game, but he might just only very rarely spawn, or not spawn in your game because randomness, or his spawn may be bugged in the current version. I do not edit this part of the wiki, so I would not know directly. Others would have to datamine and see ingame if anything was changed.

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they reduce the spawn for him from 3 to 1 in the relic city. soooo yeah fat chance to get him now… with a spawn rate of 2%

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