Sadly New AI kills the joy of game for me completely

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I have decided to put Conan exiles on hold because of the new really buggy AI. It is not something that can be fixed in a couple of days or even weeks, because they reworked the whole AI making it unplayable in single player where you solely rely on your thralls. Thralls won’t teleport, they disappear and die and you cannot rely them on combat. You cannot rely them following you in combat or if you flee, they engage combat in all the wrong situations and if you want them to engage, they don’t. Enemies target you instead of your thrall randomly so you cannot assist thrall like you did before (thrall was a tank) with bows. Bows were pretty useless as they were and now they are even more. Still in random places thralls get killed for unknown reasons. Thralls get stuck into ground or you get stuck inside a thrall. Why they just didn’t use the old AI, it was okay, just lift the limit to not have a horse and thrall. Better thralls mod did just that. Both the thrall and a horse didn’t have any problem following me and they didn’t spawn inside of each other or too close. Distance was just right enough and they engaged combat just enough and all the right situations.

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It is apparently possible to get used to the new AI, which still feels unintuitive. I have noticed If you continuously order thralls manually to move, they usually teleport, but don’t automatically without you telling them, which is kind of annoying and they get stuck.

They also get stuck on combats when 20 enemies engage them (I guess they surround it) even if you flee. That feels buggy, but it can be a feature with a new AI and makes the game really hard. Only useful mode seems to be guard me -mode, reminding the most of the old AI, they don’t start to attack until you or enemies do. They also don’t wander so far away, but they still stick very far if the combat is on and I feel they still don’t assist much.

Sadly i have to agree.
Two of my clan mates stoped plaing because of that.
Problem with thralls:

  • Sometimes atack comand doesnt work they stand in one place with sword drawn and do nothing
  • If you have archer and fighter fighting you sometimes thralls star walking to archer then then turn go near fighetr look at him and start going to the archer again with zero combat.
  • You cant see their HP bar
  • Horses are WAY to close if they folow you and you tryto shoot and fight its terrible you end up seeing nothing and hitting horse
  • The teleport takes much longer to move and if you have lost of stamina and run you have to wait a while till then run to you

I’m having the same problems. I REALLY don’t enjoy the game any longer due to the A.I. changes. I was really looking forward to being able to control the Thralls in the way in which they worked before. The ability to command them is NOT worth the loss in functionality that resulted of the A.I. changes.

I agree, they really fubarred this feature.

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