Sadness about Today

Well… I’ve been playing…for awhile. 8900 hours of Joy. Both PvP (Mostly Toxic) and PvE-C and mostly PvE. Then I tried to trigger my first purge of AoW 2. Bye. The memories were Great. Soooo many can’t find location for base camp…all my efforts wasted. Tried to find a location suitable to an enemy base. Nope. The Crevice on Exiles. Nope…Yadda yadda yadda. Thanks for the impetuous to find a new game. I will forever be greatful to Funcom for dragging me out of my dispair with a beautiful fun game. It kind of reminds me of how SoT changed for the new players instead of the seasoned players. Change is the only constant in the universe so AMEN. Thank You Funcom. I hold so much hope for Dune.

I almost forgot…my servers need to be shut down. So

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