Saga of Zath Feedback


I’m curious why anyone would play this game if they don’t want to group or raid with others.

  1. They don’t think and act exactly like you
  2. The game allows for solo play and some opt for that
  3. Some are not comfortable in groups for various reasons such as:
  • not having the same language as others in the group
  • not wanting to interact with people who freely use pejorative terms to others in group
  • getting humiliated or being racially or sexually discriminated against
  • feeling pressurised into playing longer than they wanted if a dungeon takes longer to complete
  • fear of meeting people in group who wish to control everything and every one

I cannot say for sure but after playing for 5 years off and on, these are just some of the reasons I can think of off the top of my head why some may not want to group or raid with others.

I hope this helps in answering your question.


Add the fact it often takes a long time to find enough players that meet the RL requirements, and that a lot of people can’t play for many hours a day- solo is a good way to enjoy this awesome game


I also think a crafting themed server would be fun. Such as nodes that drop double the amount and potions that increase rare drop rate (that work better than the guild city ones :slight_smile: This could also feed into bori farming and could be part of a pvp themed server to encourage battles in the border kingdoms around resources.

Would also allow people to level up guild cities/forts a bit quicker with less grind for such a temporary guild city.

Could even come with a crafting update :stuck_out_tongue:


Time it’s all about the time. While playing solo I can stop whenever I want to.

Now I have done a few. I did Visitix, wasn’t much use to the group but did what I could and had a good time. Did Crow’s Nest and was just a needed body, along with a couple of others for the one’s running the group. Not much fun there. Did the one where you’re suppose to get the worm skin for the quest. 24 raiders and only 3 skin’s in the chest. Well that was a waste of time. So all in all raids haven’t been as fun as solo play.

Not to mention most raids are; AA and Exp REQUIRED. Cuts a lot of players out.


There is a huge problem with Raid Finder’s… Firstly, the boss fights have so many complicated mechanics many new players would rather retreat at the last boss fight rather than learn the fight. I think this is due to the lack of a substantially better reward for downing the last boss. Over the last few weeks I have tried raid finder starting with Thoth-Amon. In each instance about 60% of the raids retreat or have one person complaining in RF at the other people who are unwilling to retreat about the topic. RF should give a purple box for the final boss. Or at least guarantee a Token box… For the last week I have opened nearly 4 dozen boxes and got a whopping total of maybe 4 T4 Tokens… (not counting the bonus of 200% for being a subscriber).

I know these raids are severely nerfed over their non-RF counterparts but getting to T4 is not that game breaking that the grind up to full T4 should be so ■■■■■■■■ painful. RF gives nothing over a T4 token. Yet the game goes up to T6. So, what gives? Why has the number of T4 tokens been nerfed into the ground lately. If no code was changed then I have severely bad luck (however, my guild mates have also been complaining the last two weeks on lack of T4 tokens). Come on now… make Age of Conan great again! :wink:


RF should give no reward at all. Then it would serve its original purpose: a place where you learn the raids mechanics.


You sir are a maso-chist and have no business discussing matters for adults.


The problem with RF is that it gives too much rewards. People think of it as a farming place for tokens. That’s why they retreat.

Remove the rewards, the lazy will stop joining, people willing to learn will be able to learn.


You have no idea how wrong you are. Your guild is a good place to learn the tactics. RF is JUST for farming T4 tokens or at worst T3 tokens. If you do not have a guild to participate in guild activities then I don’t know what to tell you. Your ideas about RF are just insane.


They are not my ideas, they are what Funcom said when they put RF in the game.

As for your assumption that I need to learn raid tactics, I usually writes them in RF when people ask for it. I’ve been raiding since 2008 :slight_smile:


What they said and what is actually in in game now are two different things. Few people communicate the strategies, and even fewer listen or try to learn. So, I refer back to my original point. There is a serious problem with RF. If the stated reason for their existence is as you say, then they are an abject failure. They do not serve the purpose you state because having done a raid in RF and the same raid with my guild I can honestly say they are damn near nothing alike and I learned next to nothing in RF about them. So, I stand on my original point. They are token farms, and sadly, they are token farms which has a reward system in place which gives a bonus to players who retreat out of the RF at the last boss because it is simply faster to farm tokens that way, making them an even worse failure than what I had previous stated.


No, there is a serious problem with people. As you said yourself, people are not listening.

And if you want to get T4 tokens, you should do a T4 raid. It’s that simple.


T4 gear isn’t enough to be able to do T5 and T6. You need reactivity, discipline and players that know each others. Going all ad hominem on me won’t change that, and it won’t change that you said yourself that people are the problems :slight_smile:


Ok, excellent. I am so glad you conceded my point to me. There is no reason under god for there to be the Time gate and broken RF system locking people out of T3 / T4 gear. I am so glad you agree with me. Thanks! Now, as long as you agree with me we can move this conversation along. As I said before. Good night it is 3:41am. Time for me to sleep. :smiley:


I didn’t agree with you at all :stuck_out_tongue: Getting gear faster won’t help you. Better to take your time learning. That’s why removing the rewards from RF is a good idea.


This is your original position:

And again, people are the real problem. Not RF rewards, not RF mechanics. The time needed to get relics in real T4 raids is needed to learn raid mechanics, raid dynamics, discipline and reactivity. You’re saying the opposite.

By the way, arguments of authority won’t help you either.


The real problem with RF rewards aren’t that they are too good compared to other raids. There is no objective standard how many raid (and reward) tiers there should be above what you can get through a token farm.

But one thing we should all be able to agree on is that a token farm which makes most of the game obsolete isn’t exactly a smart idea. And this is precisely what the RF does to dungeons, except the one single dungeon which it has synergies with.

It’s still baffling to me that you can get better rewards via the raid finder than through doing challenging dungeons like Tian’an, Sepulcher, Coils, or Caravan UC.


Yes you and your guildmates have had bad luck. It is the same as it always has been … random loot …sometime what you want, often not.

The main problem I have with making raid finder so easy (yes, I consider it easy now) or easier/simpler is that it does not give you any indication that you are performing adequately on your character.
I find it extremely disturbing that my badly geared guard in a solo-play polearm spec can:
a) kite a yothian in the raid finder T6 instance…with one or NO healer watching my health
b) survive tanking the emerald levithan
c) SOLO-tank Neesa in T6 raid finder
So if I take raid finder as an indication of how well i’m doing on my guardian in raids, I could think i’m ready to take him to a real t6 once I get a couple of T4 items on him…but of course he’s not. But Raid finder doesn’t tell me that.

If raid finder mechanics are “too hard” to execute then what hope do our players have of succeeding in the non-RF versions of the fights where bosses hit harder, and more mechanics are active?


The RF raids would need to have the actual tactics, as well.