Saga PVP Server Idea


but this would take time to implement. FC is already pushing out Saga PVP 9/27 so unless they thought of it first, it wont happen.


I wanna see a levelcap for lowbie PvP zones. People can always go back and get achievements after the server ends and characters are transfered to other servers.

Also, i want to see no LvL boosts except an increase to Experience from Killing players. PvP ExP and ExP from killing players. In fact, id like to see a massive decrease in XP gains from everything else than PvPing.

I also want to see more drops from players.

If they opt for a no guards or guards doesnt matter to me, guards are fun to play around too.


I imagine lvl 80 after 12 hours ganking the hell out the 20s becoming skul murderers…haha


Your second point is actually spot on. Maybe only tweak is make 1-19 one week, 19-39 two weeks, 39-49 three weeks, and then three weeks from there on out.


Is this actually happening? Someone might just be trolling me in global…


I really hope that once the saga server is over our characters won’t be moved to Fury. We would have no use of a character on empty server. Crom is well populated and this is the place to go, hope u all agree


It would be nice if we were given a choice this time, but we will have to see. I prefer the option now on Crom to PvP if we wish or to quest in peace of we dont.


The best IDEA could be to REMOVE the PVE XP all the way and KEEP only the PVP 10 levels.

The ONLY GEAR in game should be the PVP sets. Nothing else!



Level cap idea is actually a really really good idea.

Of course I agree with the shop changes too, but I fear it will be harder to convince Funcom there :frowning:


I just wish the shop will be fair. Dungeon level gear for convenience (same stats as the dungeons of the level) would be fair enough for the leveling stuff. The usual mounts and feats and whatever.

The luck boxes that give stupid amount of xp, tokens and weapons with pvp 10 stats are anything but fair and kill my motivation to play at 80.


Well, if I see that our toons will be moved to Fury I wont even bother playing on that server too long, max to 59lvl just for some fun and thats it.


You have to argue differently for them to Listen. There will be loot boxes with social stuff Only that is tradeable after. No one would buy em if items cant be traded on Crom later :sunglasses:


How? There is no pvp on cŕom


Minis pop more than Fury, the last p ict festival was well populated and duels in arena. It’s there if you want. Not trying to start something but any reasonable reader should get what I was saying without using it as a sounding board about how terrible the game or PvP is. And the option to PvP or not is there, I don’t have to worry about being killed while taking a quest from an Npc as I used to on fury.


The point of Saga is open world pvp (and a fresh start), not minis or consensual pvp in one specific zone (which indeed happens on Crom more than Fury). It’s OK if you don’t like it, but we basically don’t care about the other forms of pvp (I for one would like them to be disabled even).


How about first of all make sure bori is removed. Otherwise people will be out there farming it til kingdom come. Allow pvp xp from kills/minis/ and pvp events only.


unless the server is dead and you need to force everyone into the same area the pvp festival really shouldn’t be apart of it either, it’s just a punishment for people pvping in the wrong zones.

open world, minis (with group signs NOT being split up as on current servers) and sieges (with the grind involved for bks removed) is all you need.


I agree completely. Saga Blood should only be so on kills because everyone will farm like crazy. And the fresh start is good too, it won’t be as bad as trying to raise a character like starting on a PvP server. My only point is for me, as it is now, I prefer the choice and option to play both facets of the game. And to point out there is PvP on crom. Granted not open world, only place is fury. Of course saga is coming and we have the choice to play or not.


the festival is different on the pvp server and will likely be similar on saga of blood. It isn’t just one zone like CE. It is a randomly chosen zone in the world where people quest.

Usally in one of the following zones

  • Keshatta
  • Kopshef Province
  • Wildlands of Zelata
  • Connals Valley
  • Tarantia Commons District
  • White Sands Isle

Come to think of it they should probably add more zones to the rotation. Like

  • Thunder River
  • Atzels approach
  • Ymirs Pass
  • Eiglophian Mountains
  • Field of the Dead
  • Tarantia Noble district - i remember having some really great battles on conans bridge and being ganked while questing there was always good times.
  • Underhalls of tortage
  • The underground cistern in the noble district used to be a pvp slaughterfest.
  • The House of Crom. Bring this one to the spotlight and encourage people to actually go there.

And even some khitai zones could be fun

  • Northern Grasslands
  • Chosain
  • Kara korum