Saga server question

Ok…I played this ages ago…hated how combat worked…they redid TSW did they do the same with t his? I hated how my demonologist would like die from anything that looked hard in his direction.

They redid it only to the extent of getting rid of the more-than 2(3?) steps for executing the attack special. And totally getting rid of the steps for ranged combat.

Demo is still just as squissy.

ok thanks for the reply…back to lotro and my other games. Sad…this game had so much potential and they just buried it :frowning:

The combat system is pretty much the best part of the game, but I guess it’s up to you if you don’t like it.

I’m not sure I even understand he complaint about demos, they’re a strong class, very easy to play and level, lots of damage and CCs for defense, they do not use the combat system you don’t like and are no squishier than any other Mage in any other game.


Fact that questing is not faceroll like in other MMOs is what I like about it the most tbh.

If you don’t wanna be squishy play as soldier class.

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