Saga server-realm according to Set!

By Set!
Behold that the slitted-eye of the Old Great Serpent One, Set is always watching and now it has fallen upon the the Saga server-realm.

To hear the words of the Father of All, one must listen amongst the shadows to hear the divine forked-tongue of the wisdom of Set.

In effort to restore the revalancy of progression path, but to follow the slithered path of Set is to know the Will of the Old Great Serpent One; also the excitement that would benefit a theme of PvP, PvE and RP to glory of Saga server-realm according to the edicts of the Father of All, Set…

One character-creation or minimum of one character per racial-archetype; meaning limited to 3 as [F2P] and 4 with [Subscription/Expansion], which spurns multiple Archetypes of the same on one account.

  • So for example you can create an Aquilonian-Soldier, but if so, then you cannot make a Cimmerian nor Khitain-Soldier; if you created a Cimerian-Priest then you cannot make an Aquilonian nor Stygian-Priest, and so forth.*

Return to the (suppose) rags and broken oars/wooden plank weapons as you wash up upon the beach of Tortage by the Great Serpent One’s Eye of Judgement.
By this meaning… no one would have accompanying them any claims of Starter-packs and Claims of any kind (No vanity, mounts, PvE nor PvP armors/weapons nor accessories) to be allowed or purchased from In-game Store.

Effects of level-caps of the character-level…
PvP is automatically enabled in all Epic-regions/zones and a penalty-gain of no experience gained while in normal-regions/zones, save quests.
Application of Saga-daily quests will be for the following…
(1) Pvp-kills minimum of 6+ to be increased along with the level-cap.
(2) Completion of kills toward enemy-npcs in an unlocked Epic-region/zone.
(3) Completion of ALL dungeons available within Saga progressed level-cap thresholds

*Daily-quests rewards… character-level and PvP-level experience, elixirs/potions that give bonuses to experience-gained, A.A. bonus with racial-aura/boons; that are all stackable bonuses with max multipler at three with a 4-hour timer.
**A.A. bonus racial-aura/boons will be specific… Cimmerians will be blessed from Crom giving boost to strength and critigation, while Aquilonians will receive blessings of Mitra with constitution and protection, and finally Stygians will receive blessings from Set with wisdom and critigation.

Each boss-ecounter within a dungeon offers one-relic towards PvE and PvP, with completion of Saga-quests, rewards additional relics along with elixirs/potions/bonuses.

1-19 (Allow two weeks)
20-39 (Allow two weeks)
40-69 (Allow two weeks)
70-79 (Allow two weeks)
79-80 (Allow two weeks)

Now where the fun stuff comes…

Saga-Raid Tier-One
(Raid Tier- One of PvE/PvP Armors and Weapon are now unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow three weeks)

Only raid-tier one zones will be unlocked…
Saga quests:
(1) Completion of Yakhmar’s Cave, Visitrix’s Lair, and Kylikki’s Crypt with a 48 hour lock
(2) Daily completion participation-quests of PvP-mini skrimishes
(3) Bi-daily PvP-event of the resource-regions in Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp, and Lacheish Plains
(4) Bi-daily PvE-event [Unchained mode]; Cimmerians will venture to [Ampitheatre of Korutonia - Unchained], Aquilonians to [Halls of Eternal Frost - Unchained], and Stygians to [Scorpion Caves - Unchained].

**PvP-event: Intention of this event is based on idea of a game mechanic to be a war-cry of the three main Kingdoms to have an arms-race rush for reagents and materials for said Kingdoms; example: Stygia-Kingdom ravages the (Lacheish Plains) and those would be Stygians are encouraged to the area and pillage the resources in an effort to turn in at the end of the event time-limit, but also encourages Cimmerians and Aquilonians to venture to the region to defend and pillage for their respective Kingdom instead. At the end of the time, a secondary-time limit will start for ALL hyborians to return the resources pillaged to their resepctive capital-Kingdom NPCs (replacing the trader-NPCs) and turn in all resources and a counter should be present in-game to calculate all resources turned-in, with whoever Kingdom returning the most gains blessings of the racial-Kingdom by their Gods and be gifted an additional boon of 5-10% stats, +5% PvE/PvP-exp gains, +5% A.A. gains, and also 45% increase-chance of additional relics-rewards; lasting for 6-hour period, to which restarts again and switches up for each Kingdom resource arms-race.

Sage-Raid Tier-Two
(Raid Tier Two PvE/PvP Armors/Weapons are now unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow three weeks)

Raid-tier one will remain open and tier-two is now activated… Saga-quests will reflect as followed; retained the tier-one quests and then tier-two quest will follow for completion of Black Ring Citadel Wing-one, then Wing-two, then finally Central-Wing (aka Wing-three) all with a 48-lock upon completion.

Tier-one completion must be turned in before continuation to tier-two wing-one and so-forth, there will be no deflection of order and they must be done and turned in order.

Progress save will be applied upon completion of quests and not the lock for raid itself. If you completed a sweep of tier-one and only completed up to finishing the quest-part of Wing-one, Tier-two, then log off to return next day, your progress will be saved in quest-log until completed, unless deleted; then you restart back to Tier-one, regardless of raid-lock.

… continued Saga-quests;
()Dailies of participation-completion of ALL PvP mini-skirmishes
()PvP-event resource arms-race/prevention
()Addition to the PvE-quests of Aquilonian with [Xibaluku - Unchained], Cimmerians with [Vile Nativity] and Stygians with [Caravan Raider Camp - Unchained]

Saga- PvE-quest requires that minimum of 4 each must be Aquilonians, Cimmerians, Stygian and not more than 2 Khitains in group when entering Unchained-zones for quest are specific to the racial.

Khitai-racial characters may join either racial-Unchained, but not more than one and limited to two in group.

Saga-Raid Tier Three
(Raid-tier Three PvE/PvP Armors/Weapons are now unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow three to four weeks)

Now Saga-quest for Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold will be separated from Tier-one to tier-two quest-string, but a [condition] must be done before entrance to Tier-three raid-zone.

Condition - crafting of Ibis
At the start of Saga-quest… you will be given material-items for crafting Ibis without the requirement of profession and must perform the means in Tier-two, Central Wing (Wing three) before granted entrance into Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold.

Upon completion of (Saga) claim-rewards of Ibis will be claimable by one character per account.

Contuation of PvP mini-skirmishes quest, PvP-event of resource-region, and the PvE-quest [Unchained], but there will be a new addition…

PvE-event of [House of Crom - Threshold of the Divinity] will have you enter and complete the boss-encounters therein at Godslayer-mode. While within, you will be tasked to find (Atlantean Artifacts) to translate, creation of the keystone, and the channelling of energy through spellweaving to weaken the doorway for the next Saga-Raid Tier; each completion of task by the groups within the area gain a aura/boon (rewarding +15% gains in A.A., 10% chance for (Atlantean Shards) and 3% stat bonus, only to those who stay within the House of Crom) for all those that complete the steps of the summoning within House of Crom.

Saga Raid-tier House of Crom - The Lurker/The Temple of Erlik
(House of Crom/The Savage Coast of Turan is now unlocked)
Please allow three to four weeks
In-game shop will be available for only purchasing a three to four week passage for The Savage Coast of Turan

Saga-quests will reflect the following:
Saga bi-daily quests of tier-one/tier-two and tier-three will continue
New Saga PvE event quest for those to enter House of Crom and perform the summoning (details on performance-ritual part of the summoning will be given in quest detail) and killing [The Lurker] will generate 12-hour lock
New Saga PvP-quest of preventing summoning of [The Lurker] at the regions of Fields of the Dead, Cimmeria or Eiglophian Mountains, Cimmeria of acquiring minimum of killing 24 in PvP combat at those regions combined.

Sorry, need to take a break… part-two soon!

If you have any suggestions to add or removed (with a proper arguement reasons, some tweaks to the information, please let me know! Maybe some more clarification wording… please let me know, because I love to hear it!

Save yourself some time and start playing again befor you put thoughts into such suggestions. 90% show a servere lack of knowledge about the game and its current playerbase.

Anything that has racial restrictions is going to be a non starter

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By Set!

I understand angst, but not to the level of your comment… the point was figure a theme to the canon of Set, as well as a form of challenge.

Character-progression tied to story/content available and bring a twist in line to aspects of Hyboria. It is not so much of an appeal to implement more mechanics to lessen importance of content already available, but to spotlight some appeal to delve in content constantly skipped or overlooked