Saga Servers. Post your must memorable moments Questing

Hi, Player’s starting thread to see the Saga Community must Gaming AOC memorable moments. Fallow EULA & No flame posting please & keep it Saga server Stories. I post mine soon kind want make i pick good one.

This My must Memorable moment when started playing Saga Server. once i hit 70 I came across 8 enemies None were minions. so i Start dpsing than Trow my heals than used my Buffs. As i started building more dps all Sudden BOOM! there it was 1st Fatality little did i know it turn out be a chain Fatality of 8 in a row. Now that was Epic Cool. My health was 1/2 of HP so think made out like a bandit.


Even with 7 fingers per hand, I still dont have enough to count the number of times ive walked up to a wall or cliff, and hit space, expecting to latch on with said 7-digit hands and start moving vertically.

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I love it when other players try and steal my mobs while questing, only to go running off fast because they pulled an elite one :slight_smile: Justice :stuck_out_tongue:


my memorable moment was when I managed to kill a player who obviously used a BOT and that I knew the funcom would not (and in fact has not) banned, despite the petition.
He/she stood at the Aztel Approach, where the monkeys are.
At first I thought he was leveling and stealing my mobs, despite my group invitation to cooperate (not refused but simply let expire).
He was there and I noticed the typical pattern of the bot, he stopped doing nothing, when a mob entered his range of action he pull and killed him.
After a short test in which I made him work for me, bringing in his range a few mobs I pulled to see his reaction (and from a typical bot he did nothing but take aggro and kill mobs for me, even if already pulled), then there snaps the barbarian in me, risking my life, I make a huge pull of how many more monkeys I can take (losing some of them on the street because of their reset) and I bring them all at zero distance from bot which makes a small aoe and gets the aggro of some dozen monkeys and dies rattling in about 3 seconds, watching him dead without release was a pleasure!