.: Salt Factory :. 3xH 10xEXP New 7/17 PvP Gods No Wipe

A server with few rules:

  • No structure spam, multiple bases OK.
  • No blocking OBs.
  • No cheating/exploits/glitching.
  • Raided parties must be allowed 48 hours to rebuild after raided/wiped (No structure damage during this time, PvP in world OK), unless they retaliate by damaging structures.
  • Keep chat low-sodium, please.

Other Settings:

  • 30 Clan Limit
  • Harder NPCs
  • Reduced Food/Water Drain
  • Reduced Thrall Breaking Time
  • Longer Days/Shorter Nights
  • Increased Durability
  • PvP Structure Raid Times 18:00 - 23:00 CST.



Looking forward to seeing you in game.

Server will be run like official, do not expect admins to spawn in map portals at every ob or replace items lost due to Funcom’s lack of testing. There will be minimal admin interference, except to reboot the server and take care of individuals breaking the few rules we have.

This is a dedicated physical server in a Global IP Networks data center, located in Plano, TX. 100% of the resources on the server are dedicated to Conan and not shared with anyone else.

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