Same Purge Encounter Every Time

I built near the noob river, pretty big base and pushing level 27. Every purge is a cackle of hyenas and they’re quite easy to beat now (settings on hardest). Every time the purge is the same encounter of hyenas, will this ever change? Love the game but this is becoming quite bland just beating back the same pack of hyenas everyday. Months ago I’d sometimes get cannibals, imps, etc in the same spot. Now it’s just hyenas every time. What’s up?

Purges are now based on where you’ve built. Even on the hardest settings, a purge along the south river will always be the absolute easiest, which is a cackle of normal hyenas. If you want harder purges, move to a more difficult area.

Thanks Velius, I figured as much. I understand it’s the easiest, but why only 1 encounter? No more imps, cannibals, etc… just always hyenas. Strange.