Samhain Daily Rewards 2018 already mostly completed


:musical_note: On the first day of Samhain the UI gave to me…
Fifteen completed check marks!
And a rock in my Halloween candy bag :musical_note:


Phew, that takes the pressure out of the event and makes it much more relaxed. Also, I cannot imagine anyone being so greedy to want getting all those goods again.


Well I am rather mercenary at heart :blush:


Hopefully it’s not because some people already did the event last year. Missing out on a talisman imbuer isn’t good.


I still have mine collecting dust…XD Together with two glyph ones.


It seems to have retained the progress from last year, but some of the items have changed - it’s a Pale Horse mount on day 1 this time, think it was geistrider last year. I’m kinda hoping that gets sorted, still need the Pale Horse :smile:


In addition to the login rewards issue above there was no portal to fight Jack and the Samhain achievements were visible but the mission was not there. It seems some script did not run at the time it should have and the event did not start (properly).

I actually logged off couple hours ago but judging by apparent lack of official response the situation probably has not changed yet.


I don’t know - first year playing the game, can’t seem to find any hint online on where to find those events…


As far as I know the event hasn’t officially started yet hence no events or quests.


The events normally start around 13:00 GMT, so it’s not really a shock that it’s not on yet


This time they patched early so while not exactly a shock it was still a surprise to see the event was not there after the daily reset happened.


I can confirm the team is aware of and looking into this, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Many Thanks.


Everyone’s daily rewards should be available at the expected date, now. Please be sure to relog or restart the game if they’re still displaying incorrectly.


Now I see a portal with a lot of people behind it but nobody can get in…


Please create a new thread on the Bug Reports board if you’re experiencing a different issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


Issue is now resolved. New bug reports should have their own thread.