Sand Reapers? I'll take the small one!

So, I was exploring close to the obelisk (north east) and this green Sand Reaper almost finished me:

Is it supposed to stack 10 poison in one series of attacks?

I don’t think so. I admit, I try not to get hit by anything that’s big, green and either looks poisonous or wears purple shorts, because I expect it’d hurt a lot. (I also have the Antidote of One perk from Survival 40 because I hate-hate-hate-HATE being poisoned in games.)


The only time I’ve seen them stack poisons 10 times is the ones which spray and each tick of the spray stacks a poison. So I’d say that’s probably a bug.

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I got creamed by the one in the passage with 40 vit perk the other day.
I copped a full poison vomit to the face and watched my full 500 point health bar vanish in about 3 seconds.
It surprised me in a big way. I haven’t died to one of them since leveling up in ea.

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