Sand storm only hits small part of map

Before the sand storm would hit majority of the map. Now it’s small place I never have to worrie about it. It needs be redesign where it hits the whole map

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I think it would be cool if the storm be size undead city like a tornadoe and it moves random and smaller storms branch off them that has armies. Plus sand changes hurricanes in jungle, blizzard fire in volcano

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Why not change the storm depending on biome? Jungle: Typhoon Snow: Blizzard Highlands: Freezing Rain etc?

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In addition to being more random, stronger to affect endgame players, and different storms for different biomes, I’d also like the option (in the admin panel) for storms to damage exposed crafting and map structures (such as building a base with a crafting bench just sitting on a platform exposed to the air as opposed to being ‘indoors’ and protected).

you are asking for a weather system to be introduced but i dont get why? Sand storm is find as it is , it is is a section of the map cause desert is where sandstorms happen! if its there or it isnt makes no difference! it doesnt last long enough , if anything is annoying and nothing else! I wouldn’t like to see equivalent storms on other biomes there are just as pointless as the night!

as for damaging structures … you know damage by erosion takes 1000 of year right? so damage that sand storm should do to structures would be so negligible that I wouldn’t see the point in it ! if its the case that shift made working stations are left around the place by others , the 1 erosion method most effective is called explosive jar!

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