Sandbox / Fatal message occuring and crash after trying to rejoin mainserver 1133

Hi, I’ve bought the game through steam on a gaming rig which supports the game and got the latest drivers. I can easily log on to any other server. Yesterday I had to log out and then log back in quick, so I climbed up in a tree before logging out. Ever since I havent been able to join 1133 again on the conan exiles game. I’ve tried to secure all files in the steamfolder and reinstalled the game after, but it doesnt help me at all.

I can log on to any other server, does anyone got any fixes how to solve this issue? Its kinda frustrating to be honest and I’ve typed in error messages and sent them further on to funcom without getting any answers.

So if anyone know, please come back to me on or my steamuserid snigelmannen.



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