Sands of Eden Private server

Hello, i’ve recently rented a small 12 slot PvE server on ps4 again. I’m making it password protected though because with all the new players trying the game for free it’s almost impossible for me to even join my own server now. If anyone is interested in joining mssg bloodorchid95 on psn for the password to join. All i ask is to be friendly and play with the common courtesy mindset of cleaning up after yourself and being respectful to others. Planned server wipe on 7/1/2019 for a fresh start on the map. Role playing is optional due to a few ppl asking if they can Rp, but this is not a role play server and Rp will not be forced upon anyone to be clear.
Once you hit lvl 60 i will give a free legendary weapon and thrall of your choice as well as some gold and silver coins as starter kit of sorts. The thrall is per tribe but each person can claim their own personal weapon.
Discord is highly recommended on either pc or mobile device as a way of communication between your fellow exiles as well as a way to see any updates or future changes i will be making to the server as that is where i will be starting to post such information.

Rules list

  • No blocking off world boss spawns
  • No building on silver spawns or blocking off access to the volcano or brimstone lake
  • If you use traps for bosses please clean them up.
  • No Griefing or land claim harassment
  • No racist/sexist or other offensive clan names.

Server settings list

  • x5 Xp gain
  • x5 Harvest
  • 50% Faster crafting
  • Crafting costs less
  • Health and stamina boosted
  • 50% Faster Thrall/pet conversion and crafting speed
  • Food and water drain reduced
  • Increased item durability

Bump, i updated the post with info regarding Roleplaying on the server since there was confusion that this was supposed to be an Rp server somehow and i keep getting ppl asking for an invite to an Rp server…

Bumped, with some more additional info. Still have a few more open slots before have to consider upgrading server capacity.

bump, will be increasing server capacity soon, but still have slots and plenty of building areas left for anyone who may want to join.

Can you give me a discord link?