Sands of Survival 18+ Rp ERP and PvP

Sands of Survival

The lands are harsh here. You cannot survive alone but you are welcome to try. At some point you will need a hand. When you start to search here is to hoping the help is good, many are far from. Will you learn a trade, raid the lands, or maybe join the Enslaved in their city. Maybe, just maybe you will become more. Yes the lands here are strange. Those who are much taller, much shorter, and all sorts in between…some even seem not to be male or female.


New Server - Come join from the beginning!
(E)RP first and PvP ok after RP.
Settings are rougher than vanilla.
No avatars
You keep belongings on death.

Mod List:
Immersive Sexiles
Aquilonian Females
Thrall Wars
Char Edit Lite
Glass Construction and More (level 60 version)
Exiles Extreme
Savage Steel
Shendelzare’s Secret
RP Aesthetics
Warrior Mutator
Lemurian Architect

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