Sandstone Noob bases on PvE servers…

Yes. There are a lot of reasons why people build in a certain way. Some wait for a certain spot to become free. Some wait for friends and family. Some simply do not care how their buildings look. Some build drop bases. Some just grinding materials first before building. There are hundred of reasons why people do what they do.

When I came back to CE I didn´t even bothered to build a cube. I poped down a T1 plattform, putt all workstations I needed on top, some fighters and fences around for the purge and then I grinded the battlepass because I didn´t had much time left. So this was my priority. Inbetween i got more thralls, farmed anchient obolus to get my thralls a weapon and grinded several chests of building materials. In the meantime my hun did build a whole little city for himself. We never once told each other how to play and this is a good thing. Everybody has their own pace and focus. Does things differently. And thats ok. Acceptance is the key.

First: I do not think he is angry.
Second: If you do want respect you need to show it by yourself.

You throw out a lot of assumptions and statements that show your disrespect towards people that do not build in the way you would want them to build. I understand when people come to the forums and say: hey I do not like when people building the great chinese wall on officials because they are blocking ressources or other bases or what not. But I do not have any understanding for your kind of posts, because it violates other peoples rights to build the way they see fit.

It’s a hard topic to discuss, but generally I sort of agree with you :slight_smile:

To me it doesn’t matter what materials a base is built from, maybe I just too old, but it seems like the shoebox design is very popular among even some high level players for various reasons :joy:

Is it an eyesore?
Yes it is, but the shoebox design is also practical, it is generally fast to make and it is quite easy to access everything very fast within the safety of the walls.
Some may not know how to build something that looks good, others may not have the time and even some just don’t care about the building process.

I often laugh a bit when I come by a gigantic shoebox that even may have been made of various T3 materials where everything is just placed without any thought to aesthetics, but it is still their choice :slight_smile:

However I sometimes get a little grumpy when they place such cubes directly on paths and passages making it hard to get around them, also some have a zoo of different animals all over outside, but as long they are keeping things within the TOS, I simply just move on, but I do agree that it sometimes bug me a little, but we all have different preferences and priorities :slight_smile:

Would be cool if enemies would ROAM the map, instead of staying at their camps / spawn locations and never moving.

Having a small horde of angry cimmerians attacking your base (other than in Purges, which are completely wrong right now) would be cool and does actually make sense building with T3 materials instead of T1.

I would like random ambushes and war parties raiding the lands.

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But we aren’t talking about game play, we are talking about aesthetics.

One is a skill the other is a style.

What does respect have to do with building? I think you are over valuing your respect.

Yes, because it is.

This is what I mean, I build a drop base, you seem to think I need to be taught to build better, and are going to march right over and tell me as much. Now I’m going to be giggling behind my PC while my character goes on about his business.

Now are you going to say “Hey need some help”? And when I don’t respond are going to just move on or insist engaging me in a conversion about how I could build better and more aesthetically pleasing to you?

It’s not the offer of help it’s the insistence I some how need it.

The game is a building game and much more energy is put there than combat so be very careful in assuming you can just discount that aspect and perhaps this is why you are so disenchanted right now…you are ignoring, arguably, the main aspect of this game.

I don’t know, you are the one talking about not liking attitudes. If its not about respecting your laziness in building strategies, then I’m all ears…what is it about then?

As already detailed you do because your a building at a novice level and this is no different than combat advice to others. The real issue here is that you don’t care about it and that is the truest issue of this whole discussion. You don’t want to be held to a standard. As I said earlier, too bad. Vets need to get better to make the server better. PVP needs better fighting and building and PVE needs better building. This encourages new players and overall makes the server a better place to be in. There is a level of responsibility we have, as players, to encouraging this game and that includes making servers more appealing to play in.


I have to disagree with you here, Erjoh. In my experience, it normally did not matter how well I built my own bases, it didn’t directly encourage the servers to build better just because I took the time to do so. Sometimes, people would compliment my builds and ask how I built things and I’d offer them tips and tricks or give demonstrations, but those were few and far between. The majority does not care as they are off playing their game and building the way they want to. The idea that we have a responsibility to not build ugly builds is never a point I can agree with. Especially since box bases are not against TOS. While I respect your opinion and your right to have it, I just disagree whole heartily.

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We can always turn away from our responsibilities but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I appreciate everyone that takes the time to make something truly spectacular and I know others do as well. And you’re right…the call is very rarely answered but that doesn’t mean we give up. We just keep making the call and have faith it’s going to catch on.

But who knows, I thought if you showed a different way to play PVP outside of the draconian win@all-costs, it would change the decay rate of that style of pla.y It didn’t so maybe I do have the wrong mindset.


This part of the post reminds me of an old saying that I stuck with me from my dad…“Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right”. And the point here is that the law should be the minimum of how we conduct ourselves, not what you should strive for. It’s allowed, sure but I refuse to play that way. Far too boring for a game that offers so much more. All you can do, though, is to show people the potential. It’s up to them to reach it or not. Like I said earlier, I prefer the freedom of the game to continue over having to deal with style policing but that doesn’t mean that we should just build like crap.

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Actually I quite agree with this :slight_smile:
I interpret it as this…

If a new player comes to a server, it doesn’t really help them much if they see more ugly stuff, being blocked in many ways and generally don’t really feel excited about being there.
It’s not like a set rules about how we are supposed to build or anything like that, but it is all about trying not to be a part of what makes it a negative first experience for them, it is just something I think is worth to think about when we play on a server that is shared by many, especially if we want to see new players arrive and thrive there - I hope this is what @erjoh was trying to say, at least that is how I read it :grin:


I can appreciate your willingness to admit that. I do not mean to come across rude, but the premise of the thread’s OP leaves me, as a creative builder, very sad. I’m not saying you or anyone here said this, however, this is the impression I’ve received- Simply taking part in a core feature of the game (building) and being judged harshly for not making a building that meets someone else’s standards does not feel right. As a community, of people who disagree on many things but share love for the same video game, I think there are better topics to debate than whether or not an experienced player have a “responsibility” or is “too lazy and uncreative” to build something more than a square.

I do not want to sound flippant when I say this, but I now half expect to see threads popping up about how copying a Youtuber build on public servers is not creative either. I mean, where do go from here? If they are not even breaking TOS and doing their best to enjoy the game without directly bothering others, why does it matter?

Apologies for the passionate side I’ve taken on this topic, I didn’t think it would mean this much to me. Perhaps because since I bought this game years ago, I’ve greatly improved in my own building skills, it does not happen overnight. It takes time, practice, and patience with the building system- farming the mats in the 1st place, finding inspiration, researching different cultural architecture, and trying to replicate that to the best of your ability with the game’s limitations… sigh

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I actually didn’t agree with jmk’s stance but truly understand the frustration he is going through. I don’t believe there needs to be enforceable rules against boxes but to watch vets so carelessly build crap…it’s a very discouraging thing when you know they can do something better because of the time and energy they apply to ensuring every single aspect of a base is encased on a spherical god bubble…you need some truly great building skills to play PVP right and it goes to waste as the idea ‘aesthetics are a waste of time’. You know what is also a waste of time? Playing survival games! Sorry got into a strawman argument.

Dude…that’s a sore topic for me as well but just because of the PVP aspects. It was just numbing how folks were just replicating the content providers and then wondering ‘how did they find me? This is such a great spot.’, yeah and 2 million other viewers saw the same dang thing. SMH. The thing I love to see is how content provider stuff is adapted because you can’t always emulate exactly so you adapt.

None needed. I realize my views on player responsibilities are not for everyone and I’m actually not even saying everyone should abide in them at all times…but as a direction, an ideal that we strive for to make the game better.

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I think you constructed that pretty well and in a way that helps me see where youre coming from, and I’m glad the exchange between us was respectful.

My sincerest apologies if I triggered some. My OP was not to be anything more than a debate and a curiosity as to why some choose to go this route. I strongly would like to see more people build with effort since it does in fact influence at least some. I like to build ships and I’ve seen others do similar things after seeing my stuff. That being said, I fully understand that people are entitled to build how they see fit and perhaps I was a tad bit too critical. Though I don’t think I deserved to be so brutally attacked and accused of being a straight up monster by certain people in this thread that know nothing about me. I agree with @erjoh on beautifying the terrain with something others can actually enjoy seeing. I’m sure that much is obvious. However, I also try to do my best to ignore the ones that I don’t find all that appealing. It just makes me sad to see an overwhelming increase in such builds spread across the land. It pretty much tells everyone, “hey, this is the extent of what we should do. It gets the job done. Join in!” And we see more of that because it’s what people become accustomed to seeing. As someone’s opinion of me stated, I seem to nag and harass others to build nicer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t even contact at least half the players or more on PlayStation. And I’m certainly not going to put signs out front that say “build better.” So, that was all clearly out of hand accusations and behavior, even for a touchy topic as this. So yeah, thanks for yours and many others’ courtesy to stay on topic, be critical, and not come across inappropriate.

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Sorry couldn’t resist

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No need to apologize, but people responding in an open forum to a topic doesn’t mean they are triggered.


To be fair, I did this back in the day because of PVP BS. There were folks that would friend you just so they can get a bead on where you run around in because you can see in the base menu “erjoh is crossing the highlands in Conan Exiles”. So PVP jaded me to just limit any and all visibility as much as possible due to that crap.

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True… though I was more referring to comments like this:

“Did the thought your neighbors don’t care what you have to say, are ignoring you, and getting irritated you wont leave them alone, even enter you head?
“Oh you poor players just don’t know how to build do you. Let me explain. Still not building the way I tell you? You must not have understood, let me explain again”. Seriously, would your neighbors have to put up a sign that says “F*** OFF” to get you to leave them alone about how they build?”

PVE pretty much says it all.
You’re doomed to lose your eyesight from viewing such pollution.


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I played another game where I use to middle for weapon trades. It got to the point where scammers hated me and made efforts to hack me. I went dark for a bit and closed off all contact with anyone not a close friend. Also didn’t join any parties I didn’t know everyone. So, I totally get it. However, I think Sony has made it so there’s so much protection against griefing that most people don’t realize what they’re doing when registering their accounts. I’ve noticed some strange wording at times when I was setting up my profile on ps5. I’ve also gotten through to some people after tons of attempts, only to have them say I blocked them and was ignoring them, when in reality, it was their own settings.