Sandstone Super Set - why it's not included into Sandstone tab?


I just bought the Sandstone Super Set.

Not only it does not expand the existing Sandstone building set tab, but it’s not even called Sandstone Super Set anymore once you buy it but a “Rough Timber” set…

Now I want to build a house…
I equip the hammer, open the tabs, pick Sandtone tab, I build a wall…
But now I want a new window, so I have to open the menu again, find Sandstone Super Set… no, it’s not there… Google… ah, Rough Timber…
I build the window, ok, now I want another wall, open the menu, find the Sandstone tab…place the wall… and now I want another X from Rought Timber, open the menu…

This is nearly as cool as building using Linux command line :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wouldnt it be just smarter and easier for the workflow to expand Sandstone set tab?

Personally, this one would like to see a rough timber set.
And a few of the sandstone expansions could count, but others are definitely still stone.

Of course, it also lacks several pieces, especially wedge ones.
This one tends to think this was an early set before they really knew what they wanted to do with expansions on build sets.
Rather than go back and tidy it up, it’s sorta stuck in it’s mildly confused and unfinished state. A half rock, half plank chimera that needs a hug and some time to figure out what it actually wants to be.


Yes I think you nailed it.

Yes - this!!
Neither the stormglass or the turanian extensiona are seperate but this one is. Just Why???
And it makes building with Sandstone really inconvenient. :unamused:

Yeah, I much preferred it when it was all in one tab. It’s made even worse by the fact that they didn’t separate them properly so some expansion pieces still exist in the Sandstone one which makes it even harder to remember where to find stuff.

Put it back.

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