Sandstorm changes

I have few suggestions:

  1. Increase damage from sandstorm to x4 from now, bcs you dont need mask to live inside it. You must die from it.
  2. Increase sandstorm time to 1 game day (This is a great sandstorm, not a summer rain.)
  3. Let sandstorm do damage to sand structures (for example -1% for 1 sandstrom). This encourages players to build not only from sandstone. And it will not allow high-level players to block the initial zone with a solid wall (purge cannot cope with such a large number of blocks)

And have NPCs (wild thralls, tamed thralls, pets, and wild animals) react to sandstorms. Have them take shelter. They should be taking damage from sandstorms just like players.

And have ranged combat be virtually impossible during a sandstorm. A thrown orb should be ‘whisked away’. Arrows should fly off in wild directions (in the direction of the sandstorm’s movement). Objects that are not secured should be lifted and carried off.

And yes, it would be cool to have sandstorms so violent that they erode existing structures (damaging them - but that would also mean adding some animation effects to building structures).

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To each their own, but this sounds like the exact opposite of fun to me.

agreed, oh here comes a sandstorm…structure gets destroyed…

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Not destroyed, damaged.

If you live there, you can fix it. If you are just part of an Alpha clan trying to block off access to obelisks so no one else can use them, then yes, a nightmare.

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@Shadoza, I agree that we should not make the game harder for new players. You should know, however, that there are several crevices that provide shelter for low level players along the south river. My favorite crevice is at the outcropping near where the crocodile spawns on the beach by Narrowneck Span. If you are over at the rocks (near the ‘rock wall’), you’ll find where one makes a natural ‘hole’. Jump down into the ‘hole’ - its a natural shelter. You can also survive in the crevice across from Lookout Point. Or you can duck into a cave such as Hanuman’s Grotto or Cavern of Fiends. I know about these places because I’ve taken refuge in them several times myself on a few of my playthroughs. They work when you don’t have a mask.

Once can also build an emergency shelter out of sandstone; I’ve had to rapidly construct a temporary shelter when a sandstorm was first showing its signs (a simple 1x1 with roof); I’ve done that a couple times, too. My point is, while I agree that we do not need to make it harder for new players, new players do not require a mask to survive a sandstorm.

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I just wish those cat-demon things spawned in the sandstorm like they do in the trailer! There are journals in the game that say those creatures come with the sandstorm …


Many people write that the game should not be difficult for new players. But, as an example on PvE servers, it must be complex, we must deal with the environment. At the current moment, the site installation on the servers next came, pumped in, brought out a box of sandstone, deleted it. There are no survival elements in the survival game.
While there is no mask, you can add the ability to cover up with something like a raincoat (from grass) without the possibility of movement.
I am in favor of complicating the game, making the enemies stronger, the environment more deadly. Even the elements of temperature compared with beta leveled, before overheating or frostbite equaled death, and now that they have something that does not exist.

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No bad idea, it would make the servers unlivable for new comers trying to play for the first time. The game will just die off if it becomes too hard. Trolls are making it hard enough already.

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A % based increase to higher lvl players could be nice. At 60, Sandstorm is not a threat at all.

For norther part must work purge. Problem is most of people reach 60 and build sand boxes in south. The game should be stimulated to develop and protect their settlement. At the moment there is no sense in advanced buildings, slaves. Therefore, you need to complicate, add elements of survival - this is a game about survival. Because listening to whiners, the company lost all online.

And how is noob crushing going to fix this?

Answer: It is not going.

Sandstroms in noob areas only.

Another Aphla clan tool to crush noobs.

Maybe then create 1 button - finish game? Is this normal when 20 lvl going to kill mobs in New Asagartha or run naked in volcano. if you can’t play survival game - just dont play. Conan Exiles declared as a survival game. When I started to play in beta- there was survival elemets, now as you say for the noobs, the game has been simplified so much that nothing is left of survival.
For pvp servers, let them put x2 or x3 development speed, and on PVE, it MUST be difficult.

I wholeheartedly agree with this; Sandbeasts should spawn in during sandstorms. Its part of the games lore. The thing is that once you craft the sandstorm mask, sandstorms go from being something that we feared, and made us run like hell or frantically search for shelter, to a mere annoyance. Now I just groan about the effort of having to open my inventory when one rolls through.

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