Sandstorm Cleaner

Hi everyone, I have an idea that maybe someone else has it before.

Make the Thralls, outside the buildings, suffer damage from the Sandstorm.

The idea is that the thralls that remain in the environment, after the player leaves the game and the buildings deteriorate, may die.

I know what might be against this idea is that our thralls are also damaged. Well, there are always gains and losses, but I prefer this than an environment polluted by ‘flying thralls’.

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The flying thralls are annoying and kinda kill any sense of immersion, but the sandstorm is only in the desert. It won’t help the other biome’s. Personally I think the thralls should be killable even in PvE since they are not buildings.

But I know that would be a VERY unpopular idea, because trolls would be going around killing everyone’s thralls, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, the Devs claim a future patch will get rid of the flying thralls. Maybe thralls should of had some kind of decay timer attached to them from the beginning, so that player’s that clearly have left don’t pollute the server’s.

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There is sandstorm in the jungle and i’ve read people in the north experiencing it too…

How about thralls only regen health if the player has been on lately, like the building repair. So that we need to be on some time to heal our outside thralls.

It would also break immersion if all settlements were empty of people so this shall not force thralls inside, only kill them when the owner is no longer present.

I didn’t know the sandstorm affected the jungle, But I’ve lived in the highlands since the game launched and never been affected by a sandstorm, also never seen it in the north or volcano.

In the highlands you can occasionally see when a sandstorm is blowing in to the south, but it’s never affected me.

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When the game first launched on PS4 the thralls were kill able on PVE servers. Then a patch came out and they were not. On my server we had some people that would run around my area and kill and thrall they could reach.

As for the sand storm. It only effects part of the jungle. The lower end gets hit little. Where I am at it hits for about 15 seconds as it passes. If you go further north it can be seen but doesn’t hit at all.

Not all the jungle is affected.
We have a base at “The eye that never closes”, east of the Aloe field. The sand wall always comes very close but never hits us directly.

I saw that too on the conflict server I played on (until they were taken down, then brought back) but part of the problem there was that the thralls were bugged, they came out of the wheel of pain badly wounded and they didn’t heal. I don’t think they defended themselves either, at least not against other players.

But yeah trolls will be trolls, I’ve even had players kill my character while I’m offline during PvP hours. By shooting arrows through windows of my base. I would login back in the desert with nothing then have to trek all the way back to the Highlands only to find my body missing. Needless to say those player’s made my KOS list. Now my base doesn’t have windows they can reach.

But I’d still like to see killable thrall’s, atleast on PvE-C servers. Now that thralls heal properly if they didn’t agro against other player’s unless they were attacked first. But would fight back and be capable of damaging player’s that did engage them.

With the current state of the game I don’t even see a use for Fighter and Archer thralls in PvE or PvE-C. Right now they don’t fight anything if they’re following you. Most people have them to defend against the Purge. But I’ve been playing almost daily since launch and only been purged once while offline. All that happened to me was a Cimmerian Fighter killed one of my Archer’s.

And now for the last two day’s the server I play on has crashed while I’ve been playing. I’ve put in alot of hours on that server at all hour’s due to my chaotic schedule. And I’ve never seen it crash before. I can’t help but wonder if these recent crashes are related to a bloated server database.

The fact that the thralls don’t work correctly is interesting in itself. Fallout 4 has a really example of NPCs that work as intended. I mostly play CE for the building aspect.

As for people shooting you through the windows. It was a learning experience for me. I’m better at building defenses because of it.

You guys have a serious problem of focusing on main theme.

I don’t gave this suggestion to place Sandstorm all over the world map - I refer only at the desert.

The topic was JUST a suggestion to solve a problem of polution on desert biome - since is the first one that most of players are building in when start to play.

Well another idea for that would just have an abandonment timer on thralls… (So if they are left on unclaimed territory for a while and then become hostile again, and thus can be killed or captured and retrained on somebody else’s wheel of pain…

Another thought that would be cool with thralls would be the option of chosing between hostile or Defensive, or passive stance…

Hostile would attack all players that aren’t the thralls owner on sight… Defensive would defend themselves or their owner if attacked within their field of view… and passive will be invulnerable to player damage and will only defend against NPCs.

That way if you want your thralls to attack everyone all the time you can(At the risk of loosing said thralls)

If you want to have your thralls defend you during PvP time, or from hostile NPCs you can do that too(Once again at the risk of loosing your thralls)

If you want your thralls to do nothing but stand watch for a purge with no risk of loosing them to PvP then that should be an option too…

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