Sandstorm Didn't Work

I was heading to Shattered Springs to get some Brimstone, and on the way there I got a Sandstorm. Luckily I had a mask for my trek, and I was expecting to get a journey step from it. Unfortunately, while the Sandstorm did occur, I didn’t get the status effect for it, nor did I get the journey step for it.

Hello @Trappist01x, thank you for your submission!

In order to unlock the journey step for surviving a sandstorm, you need to take at least one tick of damage from it, after which you may equip a mask.

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Also I’ve noticed if you have even a sliver of shelter you won’t get the step. As I’ve survived many a storm even without a mask. I managed to get next to a rock accidentally and it didn’t count.

This is actually normal as I have noticed if you are actually too far from the storm. Anywhere on the map including but not limited to the snow biome you can see black particles in the air around you. And like @hugo said, if you had the mask equiped prior to the storm it won’t count as it has an anti sandstorm status effect already in … effect.


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