Sandstorm in spider cave boss area?

Game mode: All
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

In the spider cave with the big circular area that spawns the spider boss, if a sandstorm happens outside it also affects you in the boss area… even though you’re underground.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to spider cave boss area
  2. Wait for sandstorm
  3. Breath some sand!

Confirmed on SP PC PVP, I had this effect also in that cave. Is it Skittering Cavern?

Confirmed, been there, done that, got the … ehm, spiders?

IMO they should just dump the whole silly sandstorm mechanic. It makes no sense to have a storm that only affects certain humans. No thralls are affected, no npc’s are affected, no scenery is affected and once you have a mask they’re nothing but a nuisance that makes it hard to see for a few seconds. A complete waste of time and space.

I believe that the idea behind the sandstorm is to have those sand beast be inside and part of that effect and attack anyone caught in the storms if seen by the sand beasts. I remember reading that it has not worked as they intended since the concept in EA. It was fixed several times and failed to work still, they may still be working on it they are very proud of that visual effect of rolling sand so it might still become what they wanted eventually as it is NOT game breaking now.