Sandstorm items (after removing bracelet mechanics)

Hi. :smiley: I was thinking about some simple way to make the character creation more attractive after removing the bracelet.

Here’s what I came up with.:point_down:

In short: After freeing yourself from the bracelet and creating a new character, you get a unique Sandstorm item - you will lose it only if you die too many times.

This mechanics can encourage players to survive at any cost. It will also increase the popularity of old dungeons (where you can find items needed to create “Keyston”).

Mechanics in points:

  1. Character creation (for the first time on the server).
    a) You choose appearance, religion and everything else.
    b) You see cutscene with Conan.
    c) You start the game in the desert and play as you like.
  2. After a while, when the time comes.
    a) You get all the items needed to remove the bracelet.
    b) You create “Keystone” and use it.
    c) Information about the loss of buildings and equipment appears with the (new) line of text:
    You will be rewarded with the Sandstorm item”.
    d) You agree to this.
  3. You create a new character (the second time after removing the bracelets).
    a) You choose appearance, religion and everything else.
    b) You see the cutscene with Conan again, but it ends with an additional short scene:
    The character finds a chest sticking out of the sand.
    c) A window appears asking:
    What do you want to find?
    d) You see 3 answers:
    ** 1.) Weapons (after this selection you will receive one random Sandstorm weapon)
    ** 2.) Tool (after this selection you will receive one random Sandstorm tool)
    ** 3.) Utility item (after this selection you will receive one Sandstorm item such as sealed waterskin or torch)
    e) You start the game in the desert with an item in your inventory.
  4. About Sandstorm item.
    a) The item seems indestructible, it still has 10/10 durability.
    b) You can’t put this item in the chest or drop it, nobody can take it from you, you can’t get rid of it - just like a bracelet.
    c) When you die in any way, the durability of the item decreases by 1 point.
    d) When durability drops to 0, the item completely disappears.
  5. You can start all over again: collect the items needed to remove the bracelet, get another Sandstorm item and try not to die so quickly.


  • Sandatorm weapons should be comparable to the best weapons in the game, they don’t have to be better - they will be indestructible (if you survive without dying).
  • Sandstorm tools like weapons - better than basic, not necessarily the best.
  • Sandstorm utility items should be items such as:
    ** Sealed waterskin always full of water.
    ** A never-ending torch.
    ** Unbreakable repair hammer.
  • The “Recreate character” option does not reward players with the Sandstorm item.
  • Sandstorm items can use currently available 3D models of the game with the changed texture to the sand - after all, it is a Sandatorm item (idea cheap, but I wrote that I thought about something simple, so also cheap).
  • When looting a corpse, you cannot take the Sandsrorm item from another player.
  • Each player can have only one Sandstorm item.
  • In the server options could appear the field “Number of deaths needed to destroy the Sandstorm item” from 1 to 100.
  • Sandstorm item should weigh nothing - after all, the floating sand in the wind is light.

Thanks for reading. :+1: Please comment and link older forum topics if you want to remind everyone similar ideas. Tell me what you think about it. Would such mechanics not disturb the game’s balance? Do you have an idea how to simplify it?


At first, I was wondering why there are no posts under the topic. But having only likes, no criticism, it’s probably some kind of success :smirk:.

I understand that everyone has focused on the upcoming mounts :racehorse: and DLC :cat:. I’m also waiting to see everything with my own eyes :eyes:.

I consider the topic closed :lock:.

That’d be nice to have something after taking off the bracelet - even if it’s only cosmetic.

At least something to say “No, I did NOT waste my time by taking off that bracelet.” :rofl:


This part bothers me some. Perhaps I am not understanding the meaning well. When I replay after using the keystone, I do not lose my buildings (Solo/Co-op.) The buildings, pets, thralls, crafting stations, items placed in containers and left out, are all available to my replay character. I don’t own them, but I can use the stations and take items from the containers. Thralls and pets are hostile toward me, but they are still on the property. Any pet or thrall in training is available for me to collect. I enjoy the game working this way and would not want to see it changed.

That issue a side, I think it is an interesting idea.

Removing the bracelet now is an extremely pointless thing. Just here epic s__t in a vacuum. I shot it on the pve-server 1 time, just to correct the character. I was immediately taken to my clan, my entire equip was issued at the starting location, and I went to swing. And that makes no sense. Any little thing that will be available to the player after the character is reborn will be only a plus for the game. To the idea of ​​the author of the topic, I can only throw something like: You start as a character with lvl 10 with unallocated stats and skills. Or 20 lvl and the stages of the journey as before rebirth (including the task: Remove the bracelet). Well, or something similar that does not spoil the balance, but at least somehow will encourage the player.

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