Sandstorm post needs to be merge with already existing sandstorm bug

come on mod earn your paychecks
previous one had a sandstorm without the effect… now ihave the effect without the sandstorm…

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I’ll confirm this has happened to me multiple times. If I can cap the screen next time I’ll do so.


Someone asked Crom for help again, he stepped in and foked it all up for his amusement


Can confirm I too have seen this happening on multiple servers as well.

It’s not all the sandstorms but every now and then this happens and makes it impossible to see anything, it just creates this weird effect on the screen with an insanely bright white light that washes out everything else. In OP’s first screen shot you can see the insanely bright effect, that effect follows where ever you move your camera while you are in the storm, it doesnt just happen when looking at the storm, it literally follows you around until the storm ends or until you get out of it’s radius…


I will agree with zed on this one, yes i confirm that sometimes this happens, but sometimes not always. I really understand your frustration, plus i respect you and i like some of your posts, but please keep it civil and feel lucky that we have this forum to discuss our problems. I surely do. Thank you for bringing this up :+1:

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taken now

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The illusionary sandstorm happens every time you log in.

You won’t experience right away, even if you’re in Sepermeru, because the sandstorm starts way off to the west beyond the ghost wall. But the ghost sandstorm always starts up as soon as you log in, currently.


i can get up to 5-6 during a day of game play not including the 1 real sandstorm

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