Sandstorms in non areas of sand

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Doesn’t it seem rather odd that the sandstorm is in the jungle area? I haven’t been up in the ice area yet but i bet sandstorms are there too.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Just sit in the jungle and wait it out.
2.No sandstorm effects
3.No sandstorm damage
4.Annoying more then anything.

Wrong. Highlands and higher areas are not affected by sandstorms. Only the highlands will be darker (less sunlight), while the sandstorm passes by. The sandstorm is crossing the map from west to east. Thats why the djungle gets the sandstorm too.

Except that the sandstorms are “supposed” to stop at the jungle’s edge (if you’re not aware, that’s the whole reason for Petruso being at the sandswept ruins … he sacrificed himself and/or his sanity to prevent the sandstorm elemental from wiping out the Lemurians, so it should not move east of his location). And the sandstorm effects show in the northern highlands. It’s not just that it gets darker, you actually see the “blowing debris” graphical effects and all the rest. The only thing that’s missing is the DoT effect. So yes, they are visually affected by the sandstorm that should never be there.

And this has been a known bug that has existed since forever ago. Apparently it’s just something Funcom considers to be low-priority / not worth fixing.

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Nice, didnt know this …

"He saved his people, yes, but Petruso paid a terrible price. His sacrifice had not stopped the sandstorm, it had simply put it into a temporal loop. It passed across the Exiled Lands, time and time again, stopping when it reached Petruso… then starting again.

Eventually this drove him insane."

… too bad this is just another bug.

For the highlands: I can see the blowing debris but the graphic effect is not the same as inside the desert. Is this just another bug? Do you have a source?

What you see in the northern highlands can be best described as the “precursor” sandstorm effects, but not to the point where the display is completely washed out with the “high wind” effect. However, in the southern highlands you can actually get the full thing, just absent the DoT (essentially the same as what happens with the jungle).

In both practical gameplay and in terms of consistency with the lore, none of that should be happening. If the sandstorm was, in fact, affecting the highlands then the highlands would be … desert. Keep in mind (again, more lore) that Warmaker Klael lost control of the elemental. What we experience now as the desert used to be a lush, verdant countryside with forests, etc. The priest-kings hoisted themselves on their own petard, so to speak, and destroyed their own lands in an attempt to repel the invading humans and counter a new weapon they had created.

So, bottom line, the only place that the sandstorm should “be” would be in the areas that are already largely desert. Because the sandstorm is how they became a desert in the first place.


Never happened to me. My base is located there. Guess that is confusing me. :wink:
I can see the sandstorm above the desert passing by and just the sun gets a bit blocked. Looked like intended, but thanks for the clarification (and the lore).

Its an eye candy observing the sandstorm at distance from the highlands, in the jungle it gets darker because the area is a rain forest with tall trees, high hills, so the sunlight pierces during the day, and the nights are very dark, making the sense it must be. I really love the jungle biome, and wish they could extend it to north someday.

As mention above, you can see it south of you from north. And from jungle.

It passes over a set section of map, but visual que its coming happens all over. You’ll see the little black lines its coming and screen will darken as it passes. Even if your not near it.

Its pretty cool to look at from North, (from top of ledges above basin)

Not too long ago, I was watching a streamer who went through the sandstorm in the highlands. She started having a bit of a freakout (she was in the 30s, I think, and didn’t have a mask on her thinking she didn’t need to worry about it). It was just visual, but clearly shouldn’t have been happening. I want to say this was actually on PS4, but not 100% certain about that. Anyway, this particular case was in the southern central part of the highlands where she had built a small base.

For myself, I’m pretty close to the Black Keep but still just within the highlands biome where it rains, not where it snows. And I still get graphical artifacts of the sandstorm, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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So i posted this correctly? it is a bug then?

It’s definitely a bug.

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Are you seeing the massive Orange/yellow Cloud move across northern and jungle lands? (instead of over desert) then ya, that would be a bug.

Otherwise, the sky darking and some of particle effects going across other regions, has been there since release. You don’t need sandstorm mask, but sky will darken and freak ya out 1st few times.
(sorry photo bucket doesnt seem work no more)

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