Sandstorms under water and in the silver mine

Anyone else think they should just remove the sandstorm altogether if they cannot properly implement it? Seriously find it more annoying than an additional element of survival.


I have noticed a few places where you are deep inside of a cave yet still get hit by the sandstorm. Personally, I would prefer if they just removed the sandstorm outright because it’s just annoying.

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I am glad the sandstorm exists. It just needs tweaked to not hit in caves, etc.

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sandstorm need to be full of sandbeast ! Make them more dangerous !


I enjoy them, slows me down, gives immersion. I had hoped the north eould get snowstorms, and the jungle monsoons. As I live in the jungle, sometimes I will get rain, lightning and nighttime, on a cliff with bleed damage from a panther… sht gets sketchy real quick.

But underwater I didn’t even know was a thing.


I’m all for immersion. Hopefully they will tweak them at some point. I was getting hit by it in the new water dungeon and the silver mine :frowning:

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Hey there,

That’s an issue we’re aware of. We’ll probably re-route the sandstorm back to its original trajectory once we’re done patching a few more pressing issues first.


I like the sandstorm, but it covers such a narrow area now that it’s too easy to avoid.

Ideally, it would be best not to even see/feel the sandstorm effects when in areas such as caves, dungeons, etc., but at the very least, such places could be coded as full shelter until a more permanent (and realistic) fix can be implemented.


Oh well this all makes much more sense. I joined a server in January that killed me in noobville six times before I could hit the floor. So they’re different now, yet somehow more annoying…

I still insist the lemony center of a sandstorm is actually ionizing radiation, which is why it can hit you in water, in caves, in partial shelter while RPing… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trajectory is an interesting terms, like how star metal s back to blowing holes in a base @Almanthea

it is quite unfair that only the dessert gets storms that actually have any noticeable impact. Rip tides, snowstorms, monsoons, typhoons, deadly gas in mines, so many more challenges that can be incorporated


Sandstorms had never been a challenge. A vague annoyance forcing you to craft and carry a mask around at best…

Dispite that, i enjoy sandstrom’s imersive value. And more similar stuff in other biomes would be nice.


agreed, mainly an annoyance when u get caught running back to corpse and too lazy to regear beforehand but at newbie levels it can suck. Always balance right?

Black lotus garden has noxious gas, so there is that, but yes to harsher weather environment.

Same, and in my case I had just gotten killed by that trident wielding freakshow and was naked at half health and trying to get back to my body when a sandstorm hit…lol. Not sure how I survived…

Why does no one carry a tent? Most of the tents offer instant full cover and you get that before the mask.


In my experience a tent doesn’t give 100% shelter if placed out in the open. We always had to find a cliff or rock face to place it near so we got full shelter by utilising both. And we found it was heavy to carry at low levels.
Which leads to the additional issues:
A) need to find suitably flat land to place it on
B) can’t place on another players land or certain no build zones
And C) NPCs can still aggro onto you forcing you to get out of the very limited shelter the tent provides to fight them.


I honestly had never thought of this lol. Just used a sandmask, bc a year ago we didn’t have the sail tents.

Plus you can’t pitch a tent in cold water.

Or so I’ve heard.


Back when I would have needed one, they were impossible to place even on flat ground. Also, the interiors of the ones I’m thinking of are full of random poles making it difficult to fit inside properly.


On the bright side, it’s way easier to find your corpse. :mankini:

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