Sanity Aphelion's effect disappears after death

Upon slotting the Sanity’s Aphelion chaos focus, the player receives two invisible buffs with id 9270213 and 9276875. The character sheet also reports the expected increase in protection.

After dying and resurrecting the character only has the first invisible buff, and the increased protection disappears from the character sheet.

I would have expected the extra protection granted by the Sanity’s Aphelion to persist through death.

This has been reported ages ago, last year in fact, i’m not sure the bug is high on the priority list. The reversed effect also applies: if you slot the chaos focus, and then unslot it, the protection buff will stay.

I attempted to, and was unable to reproduce the beneficial version of this bug. When I remove the aphelion I also lose the extra protection.

Can you describe the actions taken by your test ?

Remove aphelion. Teleport to new zone. Check protection rating reported on character sheet. Equip aphelion. Notice protection increase. Remove aphelion. Verify that protection decreases.

I have not done a proper evaluation of incoming damage. It is possible that reported protection is incorrect, like it was in the old days if you let the NY buckle stacks wrap around.

How do notice increased protection to make you think it is bugged?

So I tested the actual received damage as well by letting the tainted filth next to the dream palace hit me. The damage I receive matches what I would expect based on the reported protection on the character sheet. The aphelion does not grant extra protection by equipping and unequipping. It does not grant extra protection while equipped after dying. It does grant extra protection by re-equipping after dying.

Without SA: 60-66
With SA: 58-64
Without SA: 60-66
With SA, dying: 58-64
With SA, after resurrecting: 60-66
Re-equipped SA: 58-64

(If you want to test with the same mobs, keep in mind that they use exposed. Ignore all attacks until it’s at 10 stacks.)

My test was the following:
Equip aphelion. Notice protection increase. Remove aphelion. Verify that protection does NOT decrease. I tested that a while ago though, it would mean a ninja fix occured recently. i’ll give it a test myself this evening when back home.

Retested it again today, and you’re right. It looks like a ninja fix occured in some of the recent updates, and removing the Aphelion no longer keeps the protection bonus.