Sated? No healing from food?

Healing up was already very slow, now it has become even harder unless I’m mistaken …

Food doesn’t allow you to heal up anymore? I don’t know about this tbh.

This would mean that you ALWAYS need aloe and I have serious doubts that aloe is a common enough material to be fully depended upon.

Am I missing something? What do you guys think?

You have to keep your food bar full to get the sated buff then if you look under status effects, you get like 2 ticks per w/e for healing. So it does heal just not fast.


Whoa, you’re right … man, that is really slow!

Firespark81 and Wac just made several good videos on this. Check them out, then come back and comment.


Thanks, I will.

Yes, because you must be a slave to your thrall.


I haven’t had the chance to play Siptah yet, so I don’t know how common aloe is there, but on the base map it’s ridiculously common.

Also, aloe is not the only healing item you can get. Start out with Mitra religion (or get it from a trainer) and you can also use ambrosia.

Would be nice if we had more options now that healing is restricted to potions and bandages, but let’s see how Early Access goes and ask for stuff we need.

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Only thing with this is not many human npc running around to get essence from but there is lots of aloe on Siptah, just need to hunt a bit.


Only way you get Crom is to get it at the state of the game, you can get mitra easy.


Not if your base is in the north and you need to go all the way south to get aloe. Food is everywhere.

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I agree. But aloe doesn’t decay. If you have good tools, you can harvest and stockpile boatloads of it in a short time.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand and agree that it’s less convenient than before. I’m just not going to assume it’s awful until I’ve given it some time. :slight_smile:

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It’s not hard to find. Basically, there are lots of little ponds, creeks and patches of sand just off the coastline of the island and you tend to find aloe there. Not hard to farm, but definitely placed in a way to increase the chances that players that are out farming will run into each other.

I’m finding ironstone to be a lot harder to find.


aloe is easy enough to come by so far on siptah for me. making rough wraps has been simple, and once ur high enough level for cauldrons, ur good there too.

requiring this type of healing makes the pve more challenging, because you can’t heal in the middle of a fight unless you disengage and run away. idk if i ‘like’ it yet, but it has been an interesting challenge so far.


Man, to be honest … I hate it. I think they made a terrible choice by doing this. Since I’ve started playing on Siptah every encounter has become a near death experience. Your health just gets siphoned over time as there is no way to recover from your wounds unless you make finding aloe your #1 priority. I want my adventure in CE to be about using my skills, exploring and building, not about gathering aloe.
Siptah looks beautiful and I was really looking forward to it, but this … man I just hate it. I feel like my character is weak and useless. I don’t think I’ll be playing CE for much longer if they keep these changes. I didn’t enjoy my first day on Siptah at all and it was all because of this. What a waste.


Fact is, it would have been an ok-ish change only if the game wasn’t full of bugs that can kill you for no reason, or hitbox and collision problems.

I play katana. And I can’t count how many times I have been stuck in the monster after the dash, getting hurt without possibility of moving This change is not only nerfing heal. It is nerfing weapons too.

Katana, and all weapons that don’t have a good stagger chance, are actually too dangerous to use. Shield and daggers are now nearly mandatory.

Guess we should rely on aloe and op thrall now.


In 2019 people were already complaining that characters were too weak and too reliant on thralls. The followers update didn’t fix that at all and this new healing system even makes things worse.


It’s a good change to be honest. It makes ingredients worth more and takes away the “everything is about the north” from the old map. On the Siptah map it’s harder to find Aloe, but not impossible.
Additionally without the early access to thralls it makes life on Siptah way more dangerous.

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I opened a forum account because of this issue.

The new system is confusing. My food bar is half empty and when I eat it says sated? How can I be sated when my food bar is not even full?

Also, I hate the new healing system. I don’t want to depend on wraps and potions for healing. I tried playing for an hour on my lvl 60 and then logged off. I doubt I will return unless they change this annoying system. I feel like I’m being trolled by the developers. The fun is gone.


Can you be more specific? I didn’t see anything relevant on Firespark’s channel among the recent 10-20 videos.

In any case, this change just makes all food one has access to early in the game effectively (equally) worthless, as there’s no difference in quality that I’ve noticed. It all just gives you the “Sated” buff which appears to be the only way for you character to heal until you’re lucky enough to stumble across Aloe, which I haven’t so far (and I’ve been actively looking for it)

That, combined with the slightest unevenness in terrain making combos miss just means you get chewed up for no reason and then can’t recover in anything even vaguely resembling “a reasonable amount of time”.

not to mention you have to be lvl 25 before you can use the aloe for anything. i haven’t played the new Siptah yet, because i didn’t buy it, but i sure had to download the 60gb file that i didn’t buy and DID NOT WANT an extra 60gb of garbage on my drive that broke the rest of CONAN!