Sated? No healing from food?

Suspension of disbelief wasn’t the point. He was answering a specific question about which feat unlocks the rough wraps. The answer is, as he said, it’s unlocked right from the start.

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Yeah, but when I put on some bandages soaked in aloe limbs just come flying back on.


It just boggles my mind why Funcom randomly decided that after 2 years of healing with food it suddenly isn’t good enough anymore. When was this playtested?

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One thing I noted is that potions are nonetheless used -very- quickly(your character can even continue to walk a little while drinking the potion). In fact, unless the opponent interupts your animation with damage, the actual regeneration buff from a potion can no longer be cancelled by attacks as it could before.

So I could be wrong but I get the feeling that bandages are meant to be “out of combat heal”(especially due to being easier to stock up than potions since they’re lighter) and now potions are closer to an “emergency button heal” still better suited to battle situation(you only need to pull back a bit to drink a potion rather than having exit combat altogether as with bandages).

Also I could be wrong but I feel the potency of potions has gotten a slight buff as well?


It made pvp take hours, it made it too easy to power through pve with heavy armor and no effort, it made it immersion breaking for rp. This new change is good for every community. The only reason you have a problem with it is because there is now consequence to playing poorly. Most of what your problem is has nothing to do with healing you are just blaming that instead of bothering to understand he differences between early game and late game. Your gear is gone, your guides are gone, and you haven’t played early game in forever if you even ever did so you have only yourself to blame. Get level 30 vitality and suddenly the whole problem is solved. Stop blame shifting and take responsibility for your poor gameplay.

Because all kinds of players have been complaining about all kinds of things on the forums and they decided that tackling the healing system would help. Contrary to the popular belief, Funcom devs don’t just read what we say on the forums and then go do exactly what we told them to do. That’s would be a recipe for disaster.

I don’t know about the PVP world, so I’ll leave that to PVP-ers. But on the PVE side, a lot of us have been complaining about how the game is not challenging enough in several aspects. I don’t ever recall anyone saying “hey, they should nerf the heals”, but someone at Funcom was actually thinking about how they could mitigate all these seemingly disparate problems and landed on changing the healing system. It’s like that famous quote attributed to Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

And as far as I’m concerned, it’s working. I find the game more challenging and fun than before. I find that knowing where to find what on the map is not just something that I can use in global chat to answer questions, but is actually rewarded by the gameplay. I find that I have to think more about fights and not – as helium3 put it – Leroy Jenkins every single fight.

I can’t praise it enough, for now. Who knows, maybe when I hit the level 50 slump, I’ll hate it.

During the closed beta, with a diverse group of players with different playstyles.

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Over the last couple of months by a select group of players that were invited by Funcom to do so.

I too despise this new healing method. It makes it very unhelpful to heal in combat and the mobs still hit very hard, especially at low levels. This was an unwarranted change that they need to remove fast

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It’s almost like everyone forgot this was early access. This is not finalized and subject to change. Why is the healing FIX getting victimized by people who don’t know what a survival game is? The game was never meant to be easy. Try getting out of the way like you were always intended to. Or try not overextending past what you can handle. If you can’t deal with the enemies you don’t belong in that area. You aren’t supposed to be able to heal mid attack. Heal up after the fight like the devs intended from the start instead of crying because you can’t exploit the game anymore. I’m not going to tell you to get good I’m just telling you to get functional.

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Can somebody else verify this? Because if this is the change - Why wasn’t this in the patch notes? This is a huge change mechanically that really deserved a bullet point in the patch notes.

I understand there are a lot of huge changes in the game that they’re working on but verbose patch notes are necessary for the community to understand what exactly has changed instead of a simply, “Hey we overhauled healing.”

Sounds like a couple of yes-men to me. There are plenty on the forum at any rate.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it too - with the bandages. You’re locked in animation unless you get attacked, which is a shame. Grabbing your weapon should cancel the animation if you ask me.

Oh that’s awesome, was still in the old mindset of avoiding damage after popping a potion so not to cancel the regen. Gonna try it out tonight :slight_smile:

You’re totally right! It’s all a conspiracy! We’re all sycophants for daring to disagree with a guy whose last resort is a baseless ad hominem.

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@CodeMage you forgot that because this is early access everyone currently playing on the new map is play testing it. That means @Fargast is also a play tester and thus a yes man. The conspiracy is stronger than you know.

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This was what I was trying to get at. This is a huge change in how a core functionality of the game has been working for me over the last few months. I feel like this should have been a more verbose patch note than the official one stating:

We want to move our combat gameplay into a more visceral direction, where action and counter actions are visible both to you and your friends. For that effect, we are introducing a series of changes that will move our combat system towards that direction: Aloe Potions (potions) and Wraps (bandages) both now have animation requirements for their gameplay effects to trigger; potions now have a short animation before their effect is triggered and bandages have their effect applied continuously.

That explains some stuff like the addition of animations, which I’m okay with. However, it really should have also stated: "Changed regeneration effect from potions to not be removed on damage."

I both love and hate the heals change I do think somehow there needs to be a bonus for using higher grade food. But I also agree that using food the way it was allowed you to cheese almost everything even without realizing you were doing it… I don’t play pvp currently so making pve tougher was needed. And healing with food was just a bit op

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Exiled Lands is not early access, as such, neither are the food changes.

If they wanted to test these changes with Isle of Siptah they ought to have found a way to separate the two so people could just keep on playing their regular games while the kinks were getting worked out.

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They probably want to get an idea of how players on both sides feel about this change. As they have mentioned. Sadly there is not enough support in test live. Many like myself who would love to be able to help on test live just don’t have time to do both… and as said it seems as though the closed beta had a Fairly positive outlook on the change. Sadly the devs cannot please everyone anyways. As I said earlier it needs tweaked but I believe. It was a move in a positive direction they just now need to add a reason to get better food instead of just eating whatever you have near

I think the new system is more realistic. Food could still heal, but not as much as healing items ! They finally made them important. I like the fights being harder, and aloe is basically everywhere, harvesting tons of it is only a matter of minutes, the only annoying thing is the crafting time…