Savage Lands [18+/ RP/ PVE /PVP] - EU/PC

The Savage Lands is a project of roleplay server where the player can tootoo organise a roleplay around a global cabal and find deep secrets in the world he/she evolves. Even we do PvP the PvP is organised by roleplay with objectives, a reason and a total agreement between the parts. A player PvE roleplayer can find an issue with diplomacy and prevent a fight.

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Are you accept all players

the admin Liliana / Godess Daerkenis is someone use people to build her server write the rules she has do 0 and do argue to kick you from the admin group, also i wont do a publiccity for these server… Sadly i can’t clean these topic, better you find an other server to be honest.

im going on an other server my side, ive just waste my time not more…