Savage lands 2.0 Xbox

We have opened a new fresh server on Xbox 7/20/23.
We are active and populated.
Boosted server!
Starter kit.
Redeem legion armor.
Star metal tools.
Star metal short sword.
star metal one-handed axe.
Star metal shield.
Accursed berserker thrall!

Savage lands 2.0 pve-c

24 hours PvP KoD!
No building damage!
We have many events!
PvP arena PvE arena events!
Hunger games.
The hunt.
Siptah boss invasion daily at G-5
You keep the loot drops!
Drunk hand fighting.
Thrall battles.
Tower of death.
The pit pvp.
And more events are coming!

Weekly PvE events to earn bronze that run for the whole of the week!

All events you can win bronze coins to purchase all types of items exile items/ Siptah items from the admin shop!
Trade in also at the welcome shop.

We welcome experience players to brand new players!
We have a friendly staff of admins to assist you with questions or needs!

And we also have a starter gifts at the Welcome Center it is at H-3

Come check us out!
Discord also

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