Savage Nipples PVP - 2.5x XP/Loot/Crafting Speed - ARENA - Chill Admin - Fresh 5/20 - 70 Slots

I have officially opened the doors to my server filled with all the nudity that Steam loves to hate. The server offers plenty of free roaming area for all you memesters to build and explore in. Some of the main features include:

  • 2.5 times XP gain from harvesting/crafting/combat
  • 2.5 times resource collection (who likes slow progress?)
  • CUSTOM-built ARENA for both new and returning players to compete for loot (both PVE and PVP)
  • No gods
  • 24/7 base raiding allowed
  • Short nights
  • 2.5 times Crafting speed

These are but a few of the things already on the server. I aim to keep adding to the pool of content and want to cater to end game content. Server is hosted in Seattle and I have experienced no lag yet with very minimal downtime for scheduled restarts.


Server info:
Name- Savage Nipples
IP -