Savage Wilds Map Mod Update Thursday 7October2021

Patch notes for the update below:


  • Added a new admin command to allow admins to replace loot given out by the random interactables showing up in camps. It’s now possible to replace the loot in these containers by typing “DataCmd SWReplaceLoot X Y” where X is the template ID for the loot normally handed out and Y is the replacement loot template ID. You can also use the command “DataCmd SWReplaceLoot Reset” to reset all the loot. So if you don’t want certain items to be handed out, it’s now possible to remove them.
  • A new cave has been discovered at Maelgwyn’s Glen
  • A new cave has been discovered at Red Rock Outpost
  • A new cave has been discovered at Vargrheim
  • Added a seasonal event for Halloween. Murun will celebrate together with you all - from the 15th of October to the 2nd of November. More information below.
  • Added the Voidforge to Savage Wilds; although to get to it, you will need to challenge yourself by defeating five Leviathan bosses to get their hearts. Again, please read separate section below.
  • Added a new Adventure location called “The Lost Valley” which only becomes available once you have unlocked the Voidforge.

Experimental New Feature

  • Added world events to the Savage Wilds game-world. You can read about these in a separate section below.


  • Fixed a number of visual imperfections and glitches
  • Fixed a couple of straggling interactables that would not trigger properly
  • Fixed an issue where some of the bosses in the underwater section of the Sunken Forge would walk into the water and float away
  • Fixed an issue in a reported location where it wasn’t possible to harvest rocks
  • Fixed an issue where Silverback Gorillas might not have spawned correctly in the world
  • Fixed an issue where a Giant Bear was missing from the world
  • Fixed an issue where Valeria would not display correctly
  • Adjusted the difficulty for Louhi (and fixed a bug in the process) - Louhi will now clear her damage bonus when she switches target (and can’t find one)


  • What few icons we have for items, recipes and feats are now marked with an “SW” marker at the bottom left hand corner

Seasonal Events
Seasonal events are decorative enhancements to certain camps and/or settlements. As seasonal events trigger in real life, so will the seasonal events in the game (like Halloween).

I want Halloween to never start, or never end
You can turn seasonal events on/off forever if you like by using the following Console-commands (requires a server restart):

  • DataCmd SWForceSeasonalEvent Halloween On - Makes it so the server always has Halloween
  • DataCmd SWForceSeasonalEvent Halloween Off - Makes it so the server never has Halloween
  • DataCmd SWForceSeasonalEvent Halloween Reset - Resets Halloween settings to run periodically

World Events
Before we explain what this feature is, we will clarify that this feature is OFF by default. We feel that it is a fun feature, but we don’t want to force it onto people. It is also, as mentioned, experimental. Please do report bugs with this feature if you use it.

What are world events?
World events are randomly triggered events that take place in the world (specifically inside already existing no-build zones). There are many (100+) events that may occur, ranging from lost kittens that need to be found to rogue storm-catchers to be destroyed, to imp raids on encampments and bosses that need to be defeated. These events were added in order to make the world feel more dynamic and more alive.

What do I get for completing events?
Rewards for events can be set up as the admins on a server decrees. By default, event rewards are turned off. It’s possible to set Event Rewards to be either OFF, TOKEN or RANDOM ITEM by using this command:

  • DataCmd SWEventRewards Off
  • DataCmd SWEventRewards Token
  • DataCmd SWEventRewards Item

If set to TOKEN, players that are within range of the event will be granted an item called “Token of Heroism”. This item doesn’t do anything by itself - instead, we encourage server owners to set up their own rewards system using this. If set to ITEM, players in range when the event ends will gain items when the event completes. These items can include rare items such as Legendary Repair Kits, Fragments of Power and Eldarium - although more often than not, what will drop will be resource packs from the base game.

How do I know where an event can be found?
When an event starts, a message will appear on your screen about this, and a map-marker with the name of the event will be present on the map. When the event goes away (either from inactivity or from players completing it) the map marker will also disappear.

How are events triggered?
When the server starts up (with events activated of course) there is a short period of time (about 10 minutes) until the first event starts. The event will then hang around in the world for up to 2 hours. If noone has gone into the event-area by then, it will go away and a timer will start for the next event to get randomized. We didn’t want to flood players with constant popups, and so the timer for this is anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. This means that during a span of 24 hours, between 10 to 20 events may occur.

Admin Commands
At the moment, these are the admin commands for events:

  • DataCmd SWEventStart All - Starts every single event. Yes, really. We don’t recommend doing this, but if you’re curious as to where events may occur - go ahead. No guarantees about things working correctly if you do this, though.
  • DataCmd SWEventStart Random - Starts a random event
  • DataCmd SWEvents On - Turns events on
  • DataCmd SWEvents Off - Turns events off
  • DataCmd SWEvents Cooldown 1 2 - Sets the Min (1) and Max (2) cooldown between events in seconds (Default is Min 1800 and Max 3600)
  • DataCmd SWStatus - Displays setting/status of events
  • DataCmd SWEventClear - Turns any active event(s) off

The “SWEventStart” commands WILL work even when the server is set to not run events by itself.

The Voidforge
The Voidforge is identical to the one that is found on Siptah in terms of the rewards you can get from it using Fragments of Power. In addition to new recipes, access to the Voidforge also gives you access to the Lost Valley (more about this below) However - getting access to it is slightly more involved.

Where is the Voidforge located?
You may enter the area where the Voidforge is located any time you please - the area is right across from Shima in No-Mans-Land. Within the halls of that restored temple, you may find the Voidforge. And another thing.

How do I get access to the Voidforge?
The requirements for unlocking the Voidforge will be apparent when you interact with it but we will repeat it here: You will need five different hearts. Each heart is gathered from a Leviathan creature that can be found somewhere in the world.

What are Leviathans?
Leviathans are dangerous creatures with unique abilities and/or mechanics. Some of these are more dangerous than others, and will provide a bit more of a challenge than normal world-bosses.

Where can I find them?
The locations for the Leviathans are thematic to their nature, and there is lore within the halls of the Voidforge that will hint to their locations. We encourage some exploration to find them.

What the heck is this portal thing?
Ah yes, the other thing. The portal leads to the latest adventure zone we call “The Lost Valley”. Access to this latest adventure zone requires you to have unlocked the Voidforge and so serves as an additional reward.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the updates! Happy Surviving!


Steam says it was last updated on Aug. 24th! But the title says Oct. 7th.
I’m confused :confused:

Today is the 5th. This is patch notes for an upcoming update


Woophises…I’m dumb. MY GOD!!
I didn’t even look at the calendar, I got excited and jumped into the game.
Sorry, and thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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No worries! We wanted to put the notes out for spoiler reasons and so that server owners wouldn’t have to set their hair on fire without warning. :smiley:


@Insein , I am a console player and I probably never enjoy your work. Nonetheless I want to congratulate you and all the moders for your beautiful work. It’s sad that I read a post how moders are treated from some players. I wish you the best and thank the ones that still work(for free) with this game and the ones that got tired from toxicity and left.
Congratulations once more :+1:t6:.


I don’t usually speak in this forum, but I wanted to say to the SW team GREAT JOB and I’m proud of you. Also a huge THANK YOU to the community for your overwhelming support.




:brazil: mod modded modding servers
Eu ativei o comando * DataCmd SWForceSeasonalEvent Halloween On - Makes it so the server always has Halloween

Muito obrigado por nos dar eventos dentro do mapa… Espero também que nosso mini mapa de @Xevyr ganhe uma atualização que mostre os ícones dos novos eventos, quando esses eventos forem ativados no mapa. Ainda não acontece e somente é mostrado quando aperta “M”