Save Slot cant used in Steam


After playing the game on steam…i cant use my save slot season1,2 and 3 for no reason…is there anyway to let me use those slot?


Hi, could you zip up the entire ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: please add the forum post as the title so I can track this.



How do i do that since i cant even save the game manually on season 1, 2, 3.
when i try to manually save only season 4 and 5 is usable, so i try deleting the save slot after pressing the on the save slot it show that it deleted but i still cant use the slot after. it happen on season 1, 2, and 3 only also it deleting my auto save on season 4 sometime. is the game broken? also if u ask me to zip the file mail it to u i don’t even know which file to give since it show no save file


what is the version number of the build?

If possible, can you zip up the entire ‘saved’ folder, found here: C:\Users<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\ZoneUE4\Saved\SaveGames

And mail to:


sent…hope it could help