Sayd the Secretkeeper not spawning on Vanilla server running no mods. (Please help)

Game mode: It is a RP-PvE Server with NO PvP at all. There are NO mods ran on the server it is completely Vanilla
Type of issue: It is a bug in which an NPC is not spawning (Sayd the Secretkeeper and Ennis the Gobbler in the Volcano)
Server type: PvE - Derketosdesire
Region: North America

After the latest update on October 4th 2018 Sayd the Secretkeeper and Ennis the Gobbler are not spawning. There are no nearby building which would conflict with this spawn. According to the wikipedia for Conan:

<<<Sayd Secretkeeper is a named, tier 4 who spawns frequently at the Terrace of the Tenders in the volcano area. He spawns together with [Ennis the Gobbler].

Sayd Secretkeeper has a 100% spawn chance, so he should always be there. >>>

However, since this update Ennis won’t even spawn. We’ve done server restarts, cleared out the entire spawn area just to be sure, killed all local NPCs to try to cause a respawn trigger and nothing seems to be working.

Is anyone else having this problem on an official or private server?

How to replicate the bug:

  1. Start up the server and Ennis the Gobbler and Sayd the Secretkeeper aren’t spawning just a random T1-2 cook with no nearby Alchemist where they always spawn at.
  2. We kill the unnamed T1-2 cook and when the NPC respawns it is the same Tier and no named Cook or Alchemist will appear where they always do.
  3. After server restarts/shutdowns they still refuse to spawn (WE HAVE NO MODS ON THE SERVER)

Thank you for your time and help in this matter.


Yeah this is a “known change”, though whether it’s a bug or intentional has not been answered (that I know of).

To my mind it’s fine, I don’t think named crafters should ever have a 100% spawn chance (even in the volcano), but naturally opinions differ. Obviously the only opinion that matters in the end is Funcom’s.

My only question to this is Sayd the Secretkeeper not spawning at all, or not spawning at 100% rate? I’m perfectly fine with Sayd, like other named thralls, have a percentage chance instead of the 100% chance it had before.

Oh absolutely, if he went from 100% to 0% that’s obviously not right (either).

I have not seen him, or Ennis, at all.

Where Sayd and Ennis used to both be 100% available, there is now only a Lemurian Cook spawn point. I don’t know if Ennis is Lemurian. But it does not make any sense whatsoever for a Lemurian to be hanging out with the Votaries at the volcano. This, to me, is absolutely wrong.

The spot Sayd once spawned is gone - there isn’t an NPC that spawns in his place. Luckily I got a couple of Sayd’s before the patch. Because as it is right now, he is seemingly unavailable.

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