Scabbard and sheaths

Is there a reason for why Conan Exiles dont have it?
It would add so much to the game visually and also with fights.
Today you cant see what your opponent are carrying, he suddenly just draw a 2 meter long sword from his butt :slight_smile:

Is it the unreal engine that cant handle it?
Witcher 3 have it, and also red dead redemption 2 (for guns)


Given people can have a whole hotbar of weapons, how would that work? Simultaneous sheaths for all of them covering every inch of your body, or would the sheaths magically pop in and out of existence as you switch weapons?

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hmm, good question, i guess they need to rethink a bit then, it should not be rocket science :slight_smile:

But isnt it as easy as make it one clothing for each weapon then?
Lets say you have some extra slots only for weapons where you place the clothing piece and place the weapon.

It will also be 10 times more fun to find the right clothing piece to match a weapon or else you cant use it

they could make it so the first weapon on the bar shows, like if there are weapons on 1,4 and 5 say then it shows 1, if you take the one on 1 off then it shows 4.

or it could show the most powerful weapon in your inventory

Yes, its an idea, but i kinda want to have weapon slots only, like you can have only 3-4 deadly weapons at a time and we cant hide weapons, they will always show for your enemy.

It does:

There is away but I’ve seen it in atlas the ones who made ark but you character has number slots to say but there no perfect but say a weapon has #2 well you character can only have 1 #2 item on them for quick bar but that means that you can fully customize your character but it could get tricky give amount of items and gear one needs

1 hand swords are class as #1 and sheilds are # 5 so #1 goes on left hip where as sheild will always go on back but you can only have 1 sheild on hot bar and in order to not abuse in order to use sheild it must be selected via quick bar so some work would need done but it’s possible

There is a keybind to sheath and unsheath the same weapon, could be this variable to store the displayed weapon.

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