Scaffolding for Planning

Okay my suggestion is this. scaffolding. Why? Well instead of using expensive building materials or sand-stone to get a basic layout of a design in progess. Why not scaffolding and basic walls/roofs that have 1hp, can be destroyed with fists or weapons in one hit, meaning they’re useless to actually build a home with. But! it’s used so you can basically upgrade/swap them out with the intended materials

This would help when conceptualization of a building so you know how it would look

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If you are able to mod, you can do that now. Exile Architect was even highlighted on a dev stream a little while ago.

Linky to Exile Architect

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I would be more in favor of Scaffolding as it is used in modern construction.

1 wood = 5 scaffold blocks

No climb penalty for climbing on them.

So you place them and use them to get up higher for where you are working. The same as brickmasons use when doing brick walls on the exterior of buildings.

My dad has a set of these. They are basically nothing more than two metal pieces with a ladder design and wheels on the bottom at each end. And a metal strut to lock them together. Then you put a board across the top to stand on.

We used it building on his equipment shed a couple years ago. To get up and work the rafters into place.

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