Scale height of PCs and NPCs

I have been wondering about this for a long time. How does things scale in this game? After doing simple observations, I have noticed that race and gender does not change the scale enough to count.

Since I am doing this testing alone, I took a series pictures on Xbox One:
This is the tallest character height.

This is the shortest character height.

Based on these observations:
If the door frame is about 6 foot 8 inches (as if in real life), the character height max is about 6 foot 5 inches.

My hypothesis is that the max height is 6ft 5in, and the scale change in the character creation is in 1 inch increments.

Anyone have other ways to find scale that does not rely on objects that the characters hold, since these items are scaled to the player holding them.

Bonus points for someone that has already found this answer.

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To every question, there is an answer.

After some brainstorming and figuring out how I can find the heights of player characters, I found an app that calculates measurements of things in pictures.

The assumption that need to be in place to ensure these measurements are to real world scale, is a real world doorway is 6ft 8in tall. (I was informed that the measurements of a foundation is 256cm squared, so all following measurements using the doorframe will be now reflective of 256cm wall measurement.) So the reference point in these pictures are the doorways of the building pieces. Be aware that Yamatai doorway is slightly shorter than vanilla.
The measurements have been estimated base on the standing height by these pieces.

This is the height of a player character at 0% height

This is the height of a player character at the default 50% height

This is the height of a player character at 100% height

Since gender and race has no bearing on height, this should hold true with any and all characters.

Edit: with these measurements in mind, the max height is 7" least is 6’2", each height tick is approximately .5".

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Just when you thought this thread could end, I have found the measurements of the “endowment” scale just for fun.
At 0% it is approximately 1"
At 100% it is approximately 5"
Average tick difference is .2"

Anything else that you may or not be curious about scale? Let me know.

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A tile is 2 meters. Use proportions from there :shrug:

A tile, as in a single square floor is approximately 7’10", 2 meters is 6’ a full wall is taller than a standing person

This question had already been answered officially more than two years ago by Jens who asked the designers.

One block is 256x256x256cm and the walls are 32cm thick.


Ok, if a foundation is ~2m x ~2m x ~2m, then the tallest character height is a staggering 5’5"

I have nothing against being 5’5", just seems too short since Conan was supposed to be an imposing individual…

Edit: This just in, with the rate of 256cm for a wall/foundation height, the tallest height for a character is 7 foot tall.

No it’s 2.56 meters * 2.56 meters * 2.56 meters. 256cm = 2.56m roughly = 8 feet.

I will edit the main post with the information we have just discovered a bit later tonight

That’s weird, the loading screens say a tile is 2m exactly.

Why the disparity? :frowning:

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I do not know, I never noticed this info on the loading screen. May be an error when writing loading tips!

Conan in the game always seemed short. And I’ve always wished I could do an Ark style freakish gnome CE.

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