Scavenger mode PVE cant loot decayed bases

here i am, again, was promised in 2018 funcom will be re enabling it, (i still cant understand the logic , as to why funcom removed the ability to loot decayed bases in PVE , but left it in PVE-C )you can loot decayed bases in PVE-C but not on PVE. and in both cases bases are impossible to attack (server restriction)

the only thing we ask is that we use the SAME ruleset regarding bases as seen over PVE-C.

So, @Community its been several months, and still nothing. you claim you listen to the community and i believe all of oyu are totally aware that was a NOT welcome change in 2018… so why are you holding it?

Again its EASY fix, just have PVE-C and PVE have the exact ruleset regarding decayed bases…


I strongly agree. I’m guessing nothing has happened with this since Funcom has gone radio silence on the issue.

Also agree… I mean, honestly, if you were in exile and trying to build or maintain an empire, wouldn’t you scavenge every darned thing you could?

This irritates me even more than the vault of Vathis’ I busted my hump to knockout and break that are completely useless now and no one even thought to replace them with a Spinas or a Daicus who were both equal in power to him.

I am getting rather sad and tired of having fun things and things I’ve worked for disappear. I love the game… I hate some of these choices that make no sense and that do not take the player into consideration.

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Agree. I’ve been asking this for months.

and it is so freaking easy to fix… they only need to use the same setting (regarding Bases) that is being used over PVE-C.

no one ever asked a system, the ability to loot a base that has been decayed is part of the decaying system anyways…

it will be great if this is resolved ASAP, it really cant be that hard!.

Mayhap it is.
I have a feeling all looting is tied to one system.
If you can loot a decayed base, maybe you can loot another players corpse. I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing these two are inseparable.
I don’t have a problem with it really.
As much as I don’t mind coming across a bag full of hardened bricks when a new dlc comes out, I’ve seen many a player quit after returning from a 7day holiday to find their doorless base intact but completely gutted.

you can loot people in the game, even on PVE server, its been like this since forever.

now, if you read carefully you will notice that :slight_smile:

  1. you cant attack bases in PVE-C . and of course you cant attack bases in PVE.
  2. you can loot decayed bases in PVE-C, yet you cant do the same on PVE.

so, something is fishy, why can you loot a DECAYED base in PVE-C , but not in PVE?

where is the logic on that one?

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because there is no conflict on PVE :horse: why do you need to loot others so badly?

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Looting would indicate that it had not been abandoned. No one wants looting in PvE.

Last time i checked, and it has been awhile, i thought all PVE servers were only “player could loot their own body on death”? If so, that is where the difference is. And as stated, there may be something hard coded in db with decaying bases and body looting (looting in general). And may not be a high priority, with all the exploits and bugs they are still cleaning up.

well, grabbing stuff from abandoned bases… lol.

hi, lets call it grab it, its abandoned anyways. grabbing stuff from abandoned places does NOT hurt anyone…

As we understand it, on PvE settings where it is set to “only player can loot own corpse” that there is a way (or more than one) for another player to loot someone else’s corpse is clearly a bug.
It is a bug that is used by players to get items that Funcom did not intend them to get that way, and hence moves to the category of exploit. Whether players use it beneficially to help someone from losing their items OR to the disadvantage of other players where they steal the items…it is STILL an exploit either way.
Please do not describe this exploit in detail. If you believe Funcom does not know the exact steps or all the ways it can be done then communicate it either to the exploit hunters email address or in a private message to a community manager.


Hey there,

We added this suggestion to Trello a while ago and our team will consider it once we’re done working on some -a little more- pressing matters at this moment.
Regarding the exploit, we’re aware of it @Kwalya. But we would like to agree and insist that in order to report one, please use Exploit Hunters. Doing so in the forums is against our guidelines.


Ignasis, NOONE has EVER asked funcom to do a full system over something that is already implemented and easy to do. lets use a bit of logic shall we?

the logical / no brainer approach, use same setting applied to PVE-C into PVE regarding buildings. issue resolved. how many seconds you think it could take to do it?

why are we trying to to drown in a glass of water? JUST apply the same logic regarding bases that you can find over PVE-C… CANT really be that hard, and its been at least 7 months. since funcom made that screwup change that NOONE ever appreciated it.

that bug has been around for at least mid 2018, but anyways… it will be great that they listen about the topic at hand, its been at least 7 months since they made the change, and it should take them seconds to fix it. its about the DECAYED bases, and decayed bases lootbags,…

thank you!

It is not as easy as hitting a switch.
From my understanding, coding wise it is tied to the body looting. It was either changed or done that way somewhere along the way for coding reasons. More than likely to fix another bug or possible exploit? (Raiding after hours???). so they can’t just match it up with PVE-C, because that is set to body looted. Like @Ignasi said, they are working more pressing matters. this is player wanted for PVE, i understand that. But at the same time, it is not like you are losing your stuff. You just aren’t getting free stuff. So you are basically not being given any desert right now.

both CASES, Bases are impossible to touch, you cant RAID bases in PVE-C, neither you can in PVE, so why is it so different regarding looting something that has already deacayed? why can someone can loot (grab) stuff from a decayed base (PVE-C), and not over PVE ?

i believe you are assuming that it got changed due to exploit/bug, and trust me it was not, i was here when they made the change, having jens initially saying it was a bug, then tascha saying it wasnt. they claimed they made the change to match the PVE concept, (according to what they said) , so NO it has nothing to do with fixing anything

the whole concept hit the dust, when noone cant explain why you can grab stuff from decayed bases in PVE-C and not PVE. it simply makes no damn sense.

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i have a few questions since i have never played a pure pve server:

  1. can u loot dead players?
  2. can u loot unconscious players?
  3. can you drop loot bags for other players to grab them (not in your clan).
  4. can you loot other people’s pets/thralls when they die?
  5. can you steal the loot from others? example: i am killing boss in the unnamed city and it is now dead. can u loot “my” boss?